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Super Bowl 52 Preview: Eagles vs Patriots by Daniel Farr

The Philadelphia Eagles are in the Super Bowl, and they are preparing to pull off the biggest upset in this games’ history- against the illustrious New England Patriots. The vast majority of NFL fans and experts are playing it safe and picking the Patriots to win, the main reasons for their decisions are Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Who could blame them, those two will possibly go down as the greatest quarterback and coach duo of all time. Brady is a five time champion, but it’s hard not to believe that numerous other quarterbacks would’ve flourished in Belichick’s system just like he did. Brady has recently released a new series on Facebook titled ‘Tom vs Time’ in the episodes he shows his audience how he beats father time by attaining a healthy relationship between his mind and body. The films are well put together, but it seems a little premature to release these prior to the Super Bowl. Without starting quarterback Carson Wentz it can be argued that the Patriots have a better offense than the Eagles, mainly because of speedster wide receiver Brandin Cooks and the near un-stoppable Rob Gronkowski. Based on talent alone when the two rosters are compared, the Eagles actually have the all around slight edge. When comparing the rosters it appeared that the Eagles’ biggest advantage will come from their offensive and defensive lines, line play happens to be the most important part of any football team. Line play and turnovers typically decide NFL games, and the Patriots usually do not turn the football over. The Eagles and Patriots split on the two key parts of winning football games, so the Eagles will have to protect the football and not beat themselves with silly penalties because the Patriots will not beat themselves doing those two things. Besides not turning the football over and not committing deflating penalties the Eagles’ must get pressure on Brady and keep him on the sideline. The Eagles’ offense must sustain long drives and covert third downs efficiently. On defense, the Eagles’ four defensive lineman have to get pressure on Brady and collapse the pocket, at 40-years old mobility and taking hits are things you don’t have or want. Nick Foles and the Eagles’ will take care of the football, while Philadelphia’ s defense bends but doesn’t break - Eagles win the Super Bowl 31-28.  

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