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  • Kevin Lidlow

Scouting report: Orlando Brown OT Oklahoma

This week for my scouting report, I decided to look at offensive tackle Orlando Brown from the university of Oklahoma. Up until the last two seasons, the Jets were spoiled with talent on the offensive line when they had Mangold, Fergusion, Woody, Fancea, etc. We are in a different world now and it’s a world where the Jets offensive line is horrific except Winters. The Jets need to address the offensive line this offseason and although it seems pretty obvious that they will be taking a quarterback in this draft, it’s still an option to look.

Brown is 6’8 360 pounds and has started 26 games in the past two seasons. He moves well and locks down his defenders with good agility. When he gets into position he doesn’t get beat by speed pass rushers very often, something that the Jets should really look into. His size and strength allows him to pave ways against smaller opponents, opening up holes for running backs in the run game. The only major issue he has is that he doesn’t have too much leverage when it comes to pass blocking, he needs to improve on bending his knees and staying low when engaging in pro pass rushers like Cameron Wake or he will get blown up.

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