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Jets Fire OC John Morton. What does it mean and possible candidates.

The New York Jets have fired first year offensive coordinator John Morton yesterday in what was a very surprising move to the fans but apparently not in the front office. Sources say that Bowles and Morton have clashed multiple times throughout the season and the players were not happy with his play calling. The Jets were the number 28 ranked offense in the league and the running game was horrific as well. According to Espn, many of the coaching staff expressed concerns about his ability to establish a consistent running game. That being said there were times where Morton showed a lot of potential as an offensive coordinator and times where you want to scratch your head.

There are a list of possible candidates that the Jets will look to bring in for the 2018 season:

Jeremy Bates: He is the staff favorite and the organization thought highly of him. But he only has one year as an Offensive coordinator back in 2010 with the Seattle Seahawks. I do believe he will be a fall back option for this team but I think if I were the Jets I would look at someone who has experience at offensive coordinator.

Todd Haley: After the Pittsburgh Steelers decided that they will not bring him back for the 2018 season, Todd Haley is now a free agent and is believed to be the top candidate for the OC position. Both Bowles and Haley have history working together back in the 2000 under former Jets head coach Al Groh and former Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells in 2005-06. So both of them have history working together during that time and Haley has an excellent track record with the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers. Although he has worked with a lot of talent with both of those teams the Jets are in a position to make a big splash in free agency so I think that will attract Haley.

John DeFillipo: He is the quarterbacks coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and has done a very excellent job developing Carson Wentz. He is in the running for the head coaching job with the Arizona Cardinals so it may be a long shot, but you never know. He was also the Jets assistant quarterbacks coach back in 2009.

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