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  • Kevin Lidlow

After a long season that showed a lot of progress, what is the next move for the Jets?

After a long season that showed progress, some let downs, and those “what are you doing?” moments the New York Jets 2017 season has finally come to an end with a 5-11 record and increasing the playoff drought to seven years. Even though the record wasn’t thrilling, this season showed that the Jets are keeping their word that they are building for the future and that is something to be excited about. Although we’ve seen progress in this team throughout the season, we need to see more from these players as they look to take the next step in 2018. Here is what they need to do to make that leap:

New owner Christopher Johnson decided to give Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles contract extensions that will last to 2020, which is a good move because you can’t manage a team under a year left in their current contract. They are also going into this offseason with over $100 million to spend on free agency and Christopher Johnson noted that they plan to be active. They also have seven draft picks (three of them are in the top 49).

The Jets have to address the quarterback situation, they invested in little money on a quarterback but are in position to make significant purchases. The Jets should do what the Eagles did back in 2016 where they sign a starting caliber veteran quarterback then draft a young rookie to develop, that will solve their short and long term plan but can they get lucky?

They also need to address the offense, Maccagnan has done a bad job shaping the offense with the exception of Robby Anderson. They need to reshape the offensive line, and get a legitimate wide receiver on the outside, Enunwa is expected to return and in that way you can put Kearse in the slot. But they need a deep threat who can stretch the field.

I would keep a close eye to see what the Jets are going to do in the off season. They want to build a team with long term success and this off season could set the tone for what they are building.

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