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Nightmare Ending. Dreams beginning? By Vincent Zahler

Mercifully, the 2017 New York Football Giants season will finally come to an end at approximately 4:30PM Sunday. Fittingly, just hours before the ball will drop in Times Square signalling the beginning of the New Year, The nightmare is coming to an end and even before entering 2018, signs for reasons to dream are taking place. Once again, much like when Tom Coughlin was hired, to move into the future, the Giants reached into their past by hiring longtime Giants executive and former Carolina Panthers General Manager David Gettleman as the new GM. With former GM Ernie Accorsi assisting with the selection. Looking back, it would seem as though it was when Gettleman departed from the Giants that Jerry Reese’s struggles began. Getting away from solid prospects in the draft to build the depth the team has desperately needed the last few years and leaning more on “steals”. Prospects who supposedly slipped in the draft for various reasons and often ended up busting in the NFL. Even before the kickoff to the final game of the nightmarish 2017 season, new GM David Gettleman has grabbed the reigns of the organization. Claiming that he plans on moving forward with Eli Manning as the franchise quarterback and has reconsidered on cutting disgruntled corner Eli Apple. Gettleman has even finally cut the dead weight that was known as Bobby Hart and benched the much maligned Ereck Flowers. Two new rookie starters at the tackle spots to protect Eli in what some believe could be his final game as a Giant. It didn’t stop there. Gettleman also sent a longtime colleague as a Giant Marc Ross to the unemployment line. Many, like myself, can’t help but be pleased with the aggressive nature of Gettleman as he attempts to right the ship that has been severely knocked off course. While the nightmare is coming to a close, the ending will probably be just as ugly as the season was. The beginning of the season saw people clamoring about what was expected to be the best receiving corps in the league. Odell Beckham Jr, Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard, and Evan Engram were supposed to light it up all season. Instead, each one will be watching instead of playing in Week 17 due to injuries across the board, Now at his disposal against the Washington Redskins, will be the likes of Roger Lewis Jr, Travis Rudolph, Hunter Sharp, and Rhett Ellison. Many Giants fans will probably find themselves echoing the line a fan in the film Major League said when reviewing the roster. “Who are these f****** guys!?”, all the while throwing to them behind a patchwork offensive line, As if the offense couldn’t have been more depressing. The 2018 New York Giants preseason should have already begun awhile ago. Now we can officially go into 2018 with new hopes. Of course, thats all we have and we can only imagine that it has to get better because it really can’t get much worse. With Ben McAdoo, Jerry Reese, and Marc Ross gone, it feels as though a new era is rapidly being ushered in under David Gettleman. There’s a long “to do” list and its in Gettleman’s hands. Next on the dockett, find a new head coach. 

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