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Brandon's Best Bets: Week 16

For those of you lucky enough to have made it to your fantasy football finals this is the tensest week of the NFL season. For the rest of us there isn’t as much to get excited about especially if you’re fan of a team that was eliminated a long time ago. Luckily, there’s always money to be made and here at Interstate of Green we have 3 bets that will help you get some of that Christmas shopping money back. All lines from Bovada.

Jacksonville Jaguars (-4 ½) at San Francisco 49ers

We get a generous line here because of what Garoppolo and the Niners have done against some weak competition the last 3 weeks and because the Jaguars are travelling out west. The Jaguars have also been playing some of their best football of the season though with Blake Bortles finally stepping up to help his shutdown defense and punishing run game. Garoppolo has looked good and may be the future in San Francisco but he’s never faces a defense like this and 4 points isn’t that much to swallow.

Los Angeles Rams (-7) at Tennessee Titans

Another week where the Rams face a bad opponent and the point spread isn’t THAT bad. They’ve been making us money all year as even when they get ahead Gurley keeps the points coming. The Titans on the other hand have disappointed and will be looking at a regime change in their future. It’s hard to keep players playing hard when they don’t know what direction the team is going and the Rams feel like they have all the momentum in the world.

Detroit Lions (-3) at Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals just look worse and worse and it’s becoming hard to trust Andy Dalton to be anything close to consistent. The Bengals are injured all over their roster and even though they’ll have Joe Mixon back it’s going to lead to a sloppy game where I trust Stafford to get the job done. The only element that is scary is Stafford’s offensive line is banged up as well and he will need to probably create on his own or get the Lions anemic ground game going against the Bengals league worst rush defense.

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