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Philadelphia Eagles vs Los Angeles Rams Game Preview by Daniel Farr

The Philadelphia Eagles (10-2) are coming off their worst loss of the season, but it’ll end up helping the team mightily as a whole. On both sides of the ball, the Eagles were outplayed by the Seattle Seahawks (8-4). This loss will create a sense of urgency for the Eagles going into this week, who may’ve became complacent after winning nine straight games. Philadelphia’s coaches were out coached, the Seahawks were able to run the ball and create big plays - in large part to Russell Wilson. All game long the Eagles receivers and backs never sustained any sort of dominance, the team had less than 100 rushing yards, allowed three sacks, and converted on third down only 50-percent of the time. MVP frontrunner Carson Wentz played unlike himself, throwing an interception and fumbling the ball at the goal line. This week the Eagles play the Los Angeles Rams (9-3) in L.A. The biggest surprise of the season is how great Jared Goff and the Rams have played thus far. Goff appears like a Pro-Bowler with the new coaching staff, he has 20 touchdowns and six interceptions, while running back Todd Gurley has almost 1,000 rushing yards and eight touchdowns. L.A. has a very sold defense that has accumulated 38 sacks and 14 interceptions. The Rams also hold onto the ball for nearly 30 minutes a game. L.A. goes into the game as the favorite, but there will be an upset. Wentz will bounce back in a big way, he will show that he is the best young quarterback in the NFL, and that the Rams made the biggest draft day mistake of all time. The receivers like Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith will show up after being nearly invisible last game, running backs Corey Clement, Jay Ajayi, and LeGarrette Blount will combine for over 200 rushing yards - due to the offensive line regaining it’s stride. On defense, the Eagles defensive line will not have to worry about an athletic video game like quarterback. Expect them to sack Goff three to five times and hold Gurley and the L.A. playmakers in check. Philadelphia will come out fired up, especially after getting a pep talk from Eagles fan Kobe Bryant. Eagles get back to dominance, clinch the NFC East, and win 34-23.  

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