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Jets win against Kansas City Chiefs in what has been the best/worst game of the season by Kevin Lidl

The New York Jets pulled off the upset and beat the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 38 to 31 in a game where it was the best/worst game for the Jets this season. Offensively they played a great game and kept up with the Chiefs in what was considered as a shootout between both teams. Defensively however didn’t show up at all today, they gave up two touchdowns in the first two of their drives both of them to Travis Kelce and then Tyreek Hill had a big game as well. I give the Jets credit for shutting down Kelce after the two touchdowns on the first two drives. Overall, I am impressed by the way the team faced adversity and didn’t cave in under pressure. 

I give the offense an A because they responded after being behind 14 to 0, Josh McCown went 26/36 for 331 yards a touchdown and two rushing TD’s was phenomenal. The run game was effective as well, both Forte and Powell had carried the ball for a combined total of 33 times with 106 yards just themselves. Robby Anderson and Jermaine Kearse had another big game as they torched the Chiefs secondary with 17 catches for a total of 264 yards, Anderson catching the ball eight times for 107 and Kearse caught 9 for 157. The only thing I didn’t like from the offense was the red zone efficiency, I thought they could’ve done a better job with the play calling inside the twenty.

I give the defense a D- because they didn’t show up to play and the game could’ve got ugly very fast. The first two drives of the game for the Chiefs ended in a touchdown, and the first drive the Chiefs marched down the field with ease. Alex Smith recorded 19/33 with 366 yards and four touchdowns, he also had a 70 yard run so the run defense was non existent if they allow Smith to run 70 yards on one carry. Hill also had a big game catching the ball 6 times for 185 yards and two touchdowns. I’ll give them credit for making big stops when they need to but they gave up a ton.

The Jets (5-7) will take on the Denver Broncos (3-9), the Broncos are not having the season everyone expected and just like the Jets are having a tough time solving their quarterback situation. They still have a good defense, but if the Jets can create turnovers and put pressure on the defense early on they should be okay. 

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