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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 11

Well the Brightside of last week games is when we avoid NY teams in betting we are batting a 1.000 lately. We put way too much faith in the Jets and Giants and underestimated just how bad both those teams could be. Let us stay far far away from both of them in the future (unless were betting against them) and get back to a 3-0 week. Lines from Bovada. Jacksonville Jaguars (7 ½) at Cleveland Browns Bettors are loving this game and I can’t see where I disagree with them. It’s hard to envision the Browns getting anything going on offense. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they are unable to score a TD. The Jaguars defense is nasty and will be able to pin its ears back the more their lead builds. Also Jacksonville’s excellent run game will keep the points coming even when they are just trying to burn out the clock. This is a recipe for a comfortable lead so swallow the points with confidence. Seattle Seahawks (-2) vs Atlanta Falcons This line is so close because of the crushing injuries to both Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor for the hawks. With 2/3s of the Legion of Boom out everyone’s heading for the hills. The problem is the Seahawks are still a better team than the Falcons and much better coached. Seattle has a lot of young talent waiting for a chance to shine in their secondary and one of the big negatives against them (penalties) is completely unsustainable and will be fixed with coaching sooner or later. This feels like a trap game so let’s get out in front of it and take the -2. Plus Steve Sarkesian sucks and any offense he’s coordinating shouldn’t get our money. Philadelphia Eagles (-4.5) at Dallas Cowboys We bet on good teams around here. That’s how you make your money, that’s how you stay consistent. We’ve been feasting on everyone being slow to the party on the Saints but it seems like that’s finally changed as they’ve got a -8 line against a decent opponent. So let’s shift our focus to a different opponent who are still being disrespected. The Cowboys don’t have Ezekiel Elliot. They don’t have Tyron Smith. But the Eagles the ones getting disrespected! 4.5 is easy to swallow when you see how the Cowboys responded last time they didn’t have Elliot and Smith and you’ve got Papa Wentz and the boys throwing up points.

We going 3-0. Make these bets. Pay your car note. Love life. Stay Warm. 

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