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Jets Dance Their Way Into Victory Against AFC East Rival Buffalo Bills Thursday Night by Kevin Lidlo

The New York Jets snapped their three game losing streak on Thursday night against their AFC east rival Buffalo Bills in a game where they played almost perfectly. Going into this game, the Buffalo Bills (5-3) were three point favorites to win the game and why shouldn’t they be? They have completely dominated going 4-0 at home but 1-3 on the road. The Jets on the other hand have lost three straight games where they choked in the fourth quarter but took advantage of the Bills who haven’t had any success on the road. Here is what I thought of the Jets victory: Offense: The offense looked outstanding on Thursday and I say “outstanding” because this was a game where everything seemed to work and they have only punted the ball a few times, giving their defense time to rest. The offensive line was phenomenal keeping Josh McCown upright and allowing only one sack. They also helped get the run game going with 194 yards total with 3 touchdowns, two of them going to Matt Forte. Josh McCown had a great day as well, going 14/20 with 140 yards and two TD’s ( 1 was a rushing TD). Matt Forte, after complaining to Offensive coordinator John Morton about not running the ball a lot against the Falcons, carried the ball 14 times for 77 yards and two TD’s. He looked like the young Forte, while Powell and Mcguire shared the love as well. I give the offense an A.

Defense: Going into this game, The Jets defensive line had only recorded one sack and put no pressure on quarterbacks. In this game the Bills had a hard time keeping Taylor upright, putting up 7 sacks and they kept Tyrod in the pocket, not forcing him to run. They also created three turnovers all of them were fumbles caused by Jordan Jenkins, Marcus Maye, and Justin Burris. They also kept LeSean McCoy in checked as he only carried the ball 12 times for 25 yards. The defense looked like they were having fun and playing as a team, the results showed. Overall the defense played exceptionally well, so I give them an A+

The Jets will be going to Tampa Bay next week taking on the Buccaneers, who have been underperforming this year. The Jets will have a chance to get back to .500 if they play like they did on Thursday but they are going to have to stop Mike Evans and slow down the run game, forcing Jameis Winston to win the game on his own. 

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