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Midweek Recap: Giants fall to 1-6 Against Seahawks by Vincent Zahler

It was a game about as entertaining as watching a cell phone battery die. For the most part it was what we expected. Following a shocking win against the Denver Broncos a week ago, the Giants attempted to go on a win streak this week at home against the visiting Seattle Seahawks. If there were any remaining hope among fans that the Giants would make the postseason, it ended with this game. Those filled with optimism that came from the win a week ago swelled early. The defense looked like they came to play. Stopping the Seahawks and giving the ball to Eli Manning and the offense early and often. As shorthanded as the Giants are at receiver, its not much of surprise that the offense was unable to do much with the opportunities. At one point the defense stood its ground inside their own 10 yard line for 10 penalty aided consecutive plays leading to a turnover on downs on a goal line stand. Following a fumble return by safety Landon Collins, Eli hit his default top receiver rookie tight end Evan Engram for a short touchdown. With an early 7-0 nothing lead and the defense firing on all cylinders, one would believe the Giants may actually have a shot at pulling this one out. That feeling would more little more than false hope. Just 14 plays were run by the Giants in the entire first half and the time of possession as well as virtually every other statistical category heavily favored the Seahawks. Unlike the previous week, running back Orleans Darkwa was unable to find daylight and rip off any long runs. Once again, the Giants ground game was non-existent. Without the teams four top wide receivers and with no threat to run, the offense was barely a threat. All hope to win fell on the shoulders of a defense that while playing at an extremely high level was gassed to put in mildly by the fourth quarter. With the defense worn out in a tremendous effort and the offense simply too shorthanded to do anything it was only a matter of time until the Seahawks took control of the scoreboard. A touch pass to Doug Baldwin and a missed kick by Alrdrick Rosas left the game at 10-7. Soon after, Seattle would score on a flea flicker touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to Paul Richardson which after further review, should have been ruled an interception by Landon Collins. A game sealing touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham ended the damage and the score would be final at 24-7 In the current state the Giants are in, its to be expected. They are now 1-6 and are already all but mathematically eliminated. Even if the Giants started at 5-0 this season, it would have been a bust with the losses at the wide receiver position. Its a lost year. Evaluate for the future and hope for top 5 draft pick.  

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