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A Rematch at the Linc, Eagles vs. Redskins Preview by Ryan Neal

The last time the Eagles played the Redskins, the Eagles were victorious 30-17. It was week one and both teams were still figuring out what their identity was going to be. After seven grueling weeks in the NFL, the Eagles and Redskins know who they are and are ready to fight it out this Monday night. The Eagles come into this game red hot after blowing out the Arizona Cardinals and defeating NFC contender Carolina Panthers in back to back weeks. The Eagles can take sole claim of the NFC East and NFC with a win versus the Redskins tomorrow. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has been on fire lately, playing at a level of an MVP. In the last two games, Wentz has 526 yards and seven touchdowns, averaging 263 yards a game and almost four touchdowns. There is not one quarterback in the NFL playing better football than Wentz right now. Behind Wentz, the Eagles have the best offense on third down. Which means, Wentz is keeping the Eagles on the field and finding any way to finish each drive with points. That is elite quarterback play and one of the reasons the Eagles have been so good. Other than Wentz, the Eagles defensive line has been lights out. Last time the Eagles played the Redskins, the Eagles managed to sack Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins four times. And, last week versus the Panthers, the Eagles defensive line caused havoc, making things really uncomfortable for Cam Newton. If the Eagles defensive line can pressure Cousins all game like they did to Newton, expect the Redskins to have a very difficult game. It is virtually impossible to run on the Eagles (only one running back has rushed for more than 40 yards on them), so if the Redskins cannot keep Cousins safe, the Eagles will win this game easily. 

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