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Brandon's Best Bets: Week 6

We had another 2-1 week and it's clear we're starting to get a feel for who these teams are and where we can make some money. I mean it took half the Giants roster being carted out on stretchers to nail the Chargers pick but your wallets not complaining. Let’s see what’s on tap for week 6. All bets made using Bovada.

Jacksonville Jaguars (-2) vs. Los Angeles Rams

Last week we banked on Jared Goff facing a good defense and being flustered and we got just that. If not for Chris Carson’s unfortunate injury (RIP my fantasy team) the Seahawks would probably have won by more. The Jaguars defense is actually a step above Seattle’s and I bank on them frustrating Goff all game long. Bortles is even worse but the Jags run game is strong and the Rams one weakness is consistently stopping the run.

Arizona Cardinals (+2) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carson Palmer is a shambling corpse. A re-animated creature resembling a quarterback that would make Mary Shelley proud. Also the Cards have no run game and traded for a player almost as washed up as Palmer. The Buccaneers secondary is so mediocre though that even Palmer should be able to produce points. The Bucs pass game has been awful outside of Mike Evans and Brate in the red zone and I trust Patrick Peterson to shut it down.

Kansas City Chiefs (-4) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Man, it’s hard to picture the best team in the league facing a QB who just gave up 5 interceptions to a middling defense and it not being a blowout. The Steelers have a ton of talent but they’re painful to watch. The Chiefs on the other hand feel like a big play waiting to happen on every play. I think Hunt goes off this game and Roethlisberger struggles once again.

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