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Brandon Turner's Best Bets: Week 5

Last week we scored on 2 out of 3 picks as we scored with the Saints and Bills and lost when New England was upset by the Carolina Panthers. We’re going to make it a 5-1 run as were given some favorable lines by Bovada for week 5.

Los Angeles Chargers (+3 1/2) at New York Giants

The Chargers are travelling a long way here and the cupboard is pretty empty when it comes to defensive personnel. I just keep picturing Eli Apple trying to cover the bevy of receivers the Chargers have and it’s not a pretty picture. I think this will be a close one decided by a field goal and I’ll take the points in that situation.

Detroit Lions (-3) vs Carolina Panthers

Another pick em where this time we’ll swallow the home points standard 3. The Panthers are coming off an upset and that’s swayed Bovada to give us a reasonable line here. Personally though, I don’t buy it. The Panthers don’t have the weapons necessary to put pressure on Matt Stafford and the Lions defense is far from New England’s. I expect Cam to be flustered and pressured all game and this to be a convincing win for Detroit.

Seattle Seahawks (+1 ½) at Los Angeles Rams

I love what the Rams have done this year and because of fantasy have watched every second of all of their games. The story is Goff has finally arrived and Gurley is back to being dominate. This is half true. In every game I’ve seen every time Goff gets flustered or looks like he’s going to give the game away Gurley bails him out. The Seahawks aren’t the team they once were but they’re well coached and I believe they will do everything possible to confuse Goff and bait him into making some mistakes. Throw in that we get a 1 point kicker and this is a bet we take any day.

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