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Brandon Turner's Best Bets: Week 3

Ok, I know the week 3 blues are setting in for fans everywhere. Your NFL team sucks, your fantasy team sucks, and you still got a lot of football left to suffer through. Well you can still be a winner by gambling like a degenerate using some saucy locks ATS (that’s against the spread dude.) Who’s going to be using Cam Newton to pay the light bill? Not the dude in your league who lucked out with Kareem Hunt or Todd Gurley and thinks he’s the king now? Nope, it’s you. Big poppa bread winner. Follow along my friend as we enjoy the treats the NFL has to offer us in week 3. All lines made using Bovada.

Carolina Panthers (-6) vs New Orleans Saints The Saints defense sucks. The Panthers doesn’t. Like it REALLY doesn’t. Brees is going to spend most of his time on his back staring up at the sun, wishing it was the friendly ceiling of the dome he calls home. The Panthers haven’t been THAT bad on offense and the flag football secondary of New Orleans will make Cam shine. I expect a blowout.

Kansas City Chiefs (-31/2) at Los Angeles Chargers The Chiefs look the best we’ve seen them in the Alex Smith era. This stat line is banking on that being over blown and the Chargers being better than they seem. It’s a standard reaction to any team soaring when expectations were low, everyone banks on the crash. The Chiefs haven’t been lucking out though. They have legit weapons on both sides of the ball and the Chargers just lost Verrett (again) for the season to a knee injury.

Arizona Cardinals (+31/2) vs Dallas Cowboys The Cowboys simply haven’t shown enough to prove they can consistently move the football when teams focus on Ezekiel Elliot. It’s true Palmer has looked awful so far but Dak hasn’t been any better PLUS the Cowboys defense is overrated and banged up. The Cardinals will figure out what formula works for them in the absence of David Johnson and begin to climb back towards respectability. 

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