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Brandon's Best Bets: Week 2

Week 1 was tough as our perceptions from the off-season were shattered and the new pecking order in the NFL was established. We saw many teams like the suddenly awful Andy Dalton led Bengals show they weren’t the contenders we thought and the Kansas City Chiefs put the league on notice. Week 2 we look to bounce back.

Cleveland Browns +9 at Baltimore Ravens

This is a tough one because you could easily see the Browns offense having trouble against the Ravens who piled sacks onto Dalton week 1, but TNF (and the subsequent firing of Cinci’s OC) taught us it was more the Bengals offense and not so much the Ravens became the 85 Bears. Flacco still looks hurt and the Ravens still aren’t that great of a team. Look for Kizer to keep this one close before losing on a late field goal.

Los Angeles Chargers -3 vs Miami Dolphins

The Bolts didn’t look great against the Broncos for the entire first half. Once the rust came off though they stormed back and almost won the game off of Rivers skill and Bosa’s pressure. Even with all the pre-season games, teams still need real NFL action to get the kinks out and figure out what works. Miami still hasn’t had that week 1 and they don’t present the same challenges as the Denver Broncos. Look to Bosa to make Cutler’s life hell and secure us a win.

Minnesota Vikings +7 at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers secondary is porous and Bradford looks better than we’ve ever seen him. He looks really comfortable commanding the Vikings offense and as long as he isn’t hurt more than the Vikings are letting on he should be able to keep this close.

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