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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets lose season opener to AFC east rival Buffalo Bills

“Tanking,” that has been the famous word to describe the 2017 New York Jets season as people seem to think that they are trying to get the first pick of the 2018 draft to get one of the quarterbacks, and it would make sense because they got rid of their impactful players (which was the right move).This game has shown that it is a possibility that it might be that way as well. They lose to their AFC east rival Buffalo Bills in a game where the Bills just completely dominated on both sides of the ball, I mean how this game was that close is beyond me.

First off the defense was absolutely horrendous allowing big play after big play. In the first drive of the game the Bills drove down the field, all the way down inside of the Jets 10 yard line before intercepting Tyrod Taylor’s pass in which he just overthrew Charles Clay. After that, he looked like an all pro quarterback finishing the game going 16 for 28 with 2 TD and an INT. If that wasn’t bad enough, LeSean McCoy ran all over the defense rushing for 110 yards on 22 carries; granted it was mostly big plays and the Jets mostly kept him in check but again the big plays just hurt this team. What I thought was good, was the fact that rookie Jamal Adams was covering the tight ends and displayed some good tackling but that was just about it.

As for the offense….. Let’s just say I didn’t even stay the entire game. New offensive coordinator John Morton practically kept it safe as he just went with the short passes. I give the Bills credit because they gave the Jets that and made some terrific tackling. Veteran quarterback Josh McCown looked decent as he made some good throws but played it safe. The running game was just awful as they finished with just 38 yards and as we all know you have to have balance in this league if you want to have a successful offense. Another thing that really got me frustrated was the use of Bilal Powell, as he rushed for 22 yards but didn’t see a lot of action until the second half. I mean come on, he showed last year that he can make plays, but the Jets just don’t seem to know how to use him or don’t want to use him. Maybe they are trying to up Matt Forte’s trade value but regardless they need a spark on offense and Powell can provide it. There were times where the Jets drove down the field but couldn’t capitalize and get any touchdowns.

Another thing made you scratch your head, was Head Coach Todd Bowles decision to punt the ball away when the Jets were at their own 44 yard line late in the 4th quarter. The Jets had multiple chances to score as the defense got the job done but the decision making by the coaches and the offense couldn’t do anything right. Get ready Jets fans this is going to be a very long season for your team, may I suggest watching one of the college quarterbacks that could be drafted by this team next year like Darnold, Allen, or even Mayfield?

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