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Brock, Brock, Brockin' on Denver's Door: The Return of Osweiler by Daniel Farr

The Denver Broncos have signed their former quarterback, Brock Osweiler to a one-year deal for the veterans minimum. President of football operations and general manager, John Elway has just made a brilliant signing. Currently Trevor Siemian is the starting quarterback for the Broncos, Siemian is arguably the worst starting quarterback in the NFL. On a scale of one to 100, Siemian has a QBR of 54. Don't let Siemian’s near 60-percent completion rate or his 84.6 quarterback rating fool you, he averages 7-yards a throw. If there were to be a poll and NFL defenses were asked, “Who is the easiest quarterback to defend against?” The overwhelming answer would be Siemian. He is unable to throw the ball down field, and defenses simply stack the box against the Broncos’ current offense. Signing Osweiler will allow the Broncos to compete, Denver had to upgrade their quarterback position and they did. Before Osweiler was signed, Oakland and Kansas City were expected to compete for the AFC West. Now with Osweiler signed, the Broncos are back to competing for the division. Osweiler is not only a major upgrade from Siemian, but Osweiler has experience with Denver’s offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. Osweiler will become the Broncos’ starter by week three, wide receivers such as Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders will become a lot more effective, once Siemian is moved to the backup role, where he undoubtedly belongs. Denver still has an elite defense, possibly the best defense in the league. Now with a serviceable quarterback, they are back to competing for the postseason.   

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