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  • Craig Gorbunoff

After Drafting 2 Safeties, The New York Jets Dump Calvin Pryor

In a somewhat shocking start to the morning, the New York Jets have traded former 1st round safety Calvin Pryor to the Cleveland Browns. In this player for player trades, the young upstart Browns have acquired a young but experienced safety, who plays best in the box laying hits over the middle. The New York Jets get back a former 3rd round draft pick of theirs in Demario Davis, who left the team to join the Cleveland Browns last year in Free Agency.

Here's where the deal makes sense. The Browns are desperate for talent and veteran leadership. While Pryor is known to run his mouth a little online, he can be a veteran presence in a young secondary. The Jets after drafting Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye, made it clear that they wanted to get Pryor out of the locker room. This trade accomplishes that for sure and will start the rebuild process.

Here's where it doesn't make much sense, why trade Pryor and not Sheldon Richardson? or why not package them together? Why bring back a linebacker who was a huge liability on your team? for anyone who forgot about Demario Davis while he was a Brown, he was the Jets linebacker who couldn't cover a halfback wheel route to save his life.

All in all, this isn't a bad deal however, it seems a little out of no where for both parties and there could have been more things done for both teams to make this a more favorable trade. I personally am not a fan of just moving a player for a player, but maybe it can pay off for two franchises struggling to get better.

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