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  • Kevin Lidlow

A Healthy Decker Belongs on the Roster

There are many teams that are in the New York Jets position that are trying to rebuild, and for that they have to ask the question of is the player part of a problem or a solution? The Jets already got rid of a few veterans that have been a part of this team for many years. These players include Nick Mangold, Brandon Marshall, and Darrelle Revis. Do we see Eric Decker in that list as well? It would be wise of them to not get rid of him. Decker who is 30 years old, is making a lot of money and is recovering from two surgeries, so the odds will be against him.

There has been a lot of speculation that he might be released and it has risen when the Jets drafted ArDarius Stewart and Chad Hansen in the third and fourth round. But let’s not forget that when he is healthy, he is the top 10 best players on this team. During the OTA’s, he has really shined even though he was wearing a noncontact jersey. He made a handful of receptions, including a diving grab over the middle of the field according to ESPN analyst Rich Cimini. “He looked healthy running around” according to coach Todd Bowles acknowledging his positive start.

Overall, not only is Decker the best player on this team, he is also one of the veteran leaders as well. Getting rid of him would be a mistake of the Jets, especially that they are ranked 5th worst receiving core in the NFL. They have a lot of young guys who flashed last season but are unproven, so having Decker on the team would take the edge off.

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