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  • Kevin Lidlow

What can we expect from Jets in Day two and three of the Draft?

General Manager Mike Maccagnan has again lived up to expectations about taking the best player available in the draft by selecting Jamal Adams. Not only is this a great player but this was a need for them. Now what can we expect from days two and three? There are still very talented players left in this draft and the Jets sit at 39, 70, and 107. If I were the Jets, I would would expect them to continue to fill in needs like offensive line or even linebackers. I would like to see Macc get creative here and draft more impactful players, anything but a quarterback. This is a very deep draft in corners and safeties.

Lamp, Njoku, Foster, Tabor, Robinson, etc. are left, so look for the Jets to go after one of those player. Overall the Jets are looking to get younger on both sides so I would like to see them address another need in the secondary and offensive line. But don’t be surprised if they draft a tight end or even a running back like Dalvin Cook if he is available. Linebacker is another need and need to find a successor for David Harris, as he is 33 and not the same player as he used to be.

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