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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets steal another impactful player in Jamal Adams

With the 6th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, The New York Jets select……. Jamal Adams safety LSU. That is right Jets fans, they have taken Adams a player who is the second best player in the draft. This is a shocker because I thought he would go to Chicago but they instead took Mitch Trubisky. I’m perfectly okay with this pick because they need help at secondary after letting go of Revis, and other players. Not only that, but he is a terrific leader, well built, and not afraid to go and hit somebody.

He doesn’t have the sideline to sideline range like Hooker but can set the tone for the defense and can step downhill to punish the running backs. He can fight off the blockers, intelligent field general, and targets opponent with open arms and wide. He was named LSU's permanent team captain in 2016 and received various All-America first- and second-team honors and All-SEC first-team honors from The Associated Press

Overall, this is a very good pick for the Jets and something that they desperately needed. Even with Howard, Hooker, Watson, and Lattimore there, the Jets got it right.

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