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  • Craig Gorbunoff

Week of Mock Draft 2.0

​With the NFL Draft getting closer and closer. This is my third pass at a full Mock Draft. This may change one or two more times as we get closer to to Thursday. Please tweet me any angry reactions at @Cgorbs94

Craig Gorbunoff

  1. Myles Garrett – I don’t care what any reports say. This is the best player in the draft by a mile.

  2. Jamal Adams – I was never too sold on Solomon Thomas here. I eventually conceded but with recent chatter, I think new GM John Lynch takes a shot at getting a player that played his former position.

  3. Marshon Lattimore – Their favorite player (Adams) just gets taken before. Luckily for them, the best corner in this draft is still available to them at 3.

  4. Leonard Fournette – I was stubborn here for a while, but this pick makes too much sense for the Jags

  5. Mike Williams – I will not budge from this one. This will give the Titans the explosive young offense they need.

  6. Mitchell Trubisky (Cleveland Trades with NYJ) – This trade makes a lot of sense… but should Cleveland not pull the trigger I think that the Jets draft Trubisky here.

  7. Malik Hooker – San Diego has needed a Safety for too long. Hooker is a great potential player.

  8. Christian McCaffrey – He’s climbed up many boards and is still one of my favorites. This is a favorite pick amongst many an analyst.

  9. Solomon Thomas – This player slides a little bit because of needs for other teams. Bengals get one of the best d-lineman in the drafts.

  10. Corey Davis – The Bills are in huge need for a receiver that can compliments Sammy Watkins.

  11. Jonathon Allen – Somehow the Saints lucked out and got an incredible defensive line prospect.

  12. OJ Howard (NYJ With CLE pick) – Formally I had Watson here, and should the Jets stay at 6 I think they take Mitch. However at 12 and Howard falling and it being a position of huge need since Dustin Keller left, I think the Jets pick up my favorite TE prospect since Gronk.

  13. Deshaun Watson – Cards Draft for the future and pick up my favorite QB in this years class. I like Watson enough where I’ll break my philosophy of not drafting for depth in the 1st round.

  14. John Ross – while the Eagles acquired a lot in FA at the position, Ross is a speedster that can be the new Deshawn Jackson in Philly.

  15. Derek Barnett – A lot of change in my mock. This one stays the same.

  16. Haason Reddick - I still think that the Ravens are in need of a young LB. With all that has happened with Reuben Foster, he is not an option here. I like Reddick out of temple.

  17. Gareon Conley – The Redskins have needed secondary help for years, they finally get a good corner.

  18. Tre’Davious White – Another skill position player for the Titans who are a couple of blue chip gusy away from being a real AFC threat. Not too sure if White is blue chip but I like the pick.

  19. Dalvin Cook – A lot of character concerns for the former Seminole… seem familiar? I think the Florida State kids take over the Bucs.

  20. Ryan Ramczyk – For my money the best o lineman in the draft for a team that desperately needs to keep its QB upright.

  21. David Njoku – First time changing this pick. I think the Lions need a more reliable target on offense. I believe that Njoku will be new best friends with Stafford.

  22. Forrest Lamp – The Dolphins are a very good team with nearly a complete roster. They need to just protect their QB and open up the run game a bit more. Lamp is a perfect fit.

  23. Garrett Bolles – A o line prospect climbing everyone’s board. Hopefull he is finally the LT the Giants need.

  24. Taco Charlton – He goes opposite of Khalil Mack to even out the pass rush for the Raiders.

  25. Patrick Mahomes – This pick still makes too much sense to change

  26. Takkarist McKinley – The Seahawks defense has lost it’s super bowl winning edge. I believe a solid D- Lineman will help bring them back to the top of the NFC

  27. Reuben Foster – Had a number of prospects fall in my mock due to off the field concerns. Luckily for Foster he’s very talented and Andy Reid is willing to work with problem players.

  28. Kevin King– The Cowboys need secondary help. This teams defense has been fairly mediocre. Hopefully King can be a staple on this defense.

  29. Joe Mixon – Let me get something straight. I don’t like this pick. But I think the Packers are a desperate enough team at the RB position to take a shot with this problem player. Hopefully they can turn things around with him… I think it would be a bust.

  30. Cam Robinson – I’ve never liked Pittsburgh’s O-line. I think they finally get a player to keep Big Ben upright.

  31. Charles Harris – If the Atlanta could have gotten after Tom Brady a little more they may be Super Bowl Champs. Pair Harris with Beasley and I think they have a pretty good team.

  32. TJ Watt- An athletic freak with the blood line to potentially be great in the NFL. I think NO is a great fit for baby Watt.

Rich Wilhelm

Biggest changes-

1) Trubisky up 16 spots from 22 to 6

2) Trade between Jets and Browns

3) Howard down 4 spots

4) McKinley down 4 spots

5) Davis down 4 spots

6) Humphrey down 3 spots

7) Williams down 2 spots

8) Watson down 1 spot

9) Allen up 1 spot

10) Foster up 1 spot

11) Ross down 1 spot

Mock Draft

  1. Myles Garrett DE/Texas A&M- Browns (Logical pick don't see this changing, clear cut number one for a rebuilding team with tons of money and draft picks)

  2. Soloman Thomas DE/Stanford- 49ers (Two words…John Lynch. He will want a defensive player to cause havoc. With Garrett off the board, Thomas is the BPA)

  3. Jamal Adams S/LSU- Bears (Bears have had a solid free agency period thus far. In my opinion the Bears will have the best turn around of any team in the top 5. They added Glennon, Wheaton, Kendall Wright, Marcus Cooper, Prince Amukamara and Quintin Demps. They seem set at QB, corner and wide receiver now. No better player than Adams to make this team a contender.)

  4. Leonard Fournette RB/LSU- Jaguars (Sometimes having two running backs in a committee is not better than one clear cut number 1. This is the case with the Jaguars. Chris Ivory isn't the running back he was with the Jets. TJ Yeldon could be a solid compliment to Fournette but Leonard would run away with it, no pun intended.)

  5. Marshon Lattimore CB/Ohio State- Titans (Titans are a young team that is one or two years off competing at the most. Add a ballhawk to the secondary and call it a day.)

  6. *Trade* Mitch Trubisky QB/UNC- Browns (Browns get their quarterback of the future. Jets get 12 and 33. Much needed for both team)

  7. Malik Hooker S/Ohio State- Chargers (As stated above Malik Hooker has an injury to bounce back from. When healthy is in many ways better than Jamal Adams. With Phillip Rivers on his way out, the Chargers need to add talent everywhere.)

  8. Jonathan Allen DE/Alabama- Panthers (Jonathan Allen is too talented to pass up here. May not be the biggest need on the team but Allen can bolster the defense for years to come with Kuechly and Short)

  9. Reuben Foster LB/Alabama-Bengals (If not for his antics at the combine I could see Foster going third overall to the Bears. If Foster keeps his head on straight it will be a steal for the Bengals who need defensive leaders. Worked in many respects with Burfict)

  10. OJ Howard- TE/Alabama- Bills (Perfect compliment to Sammy Watkins which they have been searching for since he was drafted)

  11. Marlon Humphrey CB/Alabama- Saints (The Saints clearly need a cornerback. It is clear to see that with their pursuit of Malcolm Butler. Saints defense was atrocious last year, nowhere but up)

  12. *TRADE* Mike Williams WR/Clemson- Jets (The Jets need a replacement for Brandon Marshall. No better player than Mike Williams to fill that role.)

  13. Deshaun Watson QB/Clemson- Cardinals (Carson Palmer does not have much time left in the league. Cardinals pull the trigger here on a quarterback with major upside.)

  14. Dalvin Cook RB/Florida State-Eagles (The Eagles do not have a running back worthy of the title starter. Cook could be a full time back with Sproles sprinkling in. Eagles desperately need another McCoy).

  15. Forrest Lamp OG/Western Kentucky-Colts (Protect the future of the team. The goal of the Colts has to be keeping Andrew Luck off his back. It is time to build the line. RB is an option here and if Cook passes the Eagles I see that as the pick. Give Luck weapons and a line. In a weak division the Colts are always in it.)

  16. Derek Barnett LB/Tennessee-Ravens (Same height and weight as Terrell Suggs. Barnett has arguably the best hands of any pass rusher in the draft.’s Lance Zierlein writes that Barnett is a, “championship hand fighter on college level. Hands are strong, fast, efficient and lethal.” Barnett’s hand fighting skills are very comparable to 2016 defensive ROY Joey Bosa’s.)

  17. Corey Davis WR/Western Michigan- Redskins (After losing Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson, Davis would have a large role and compete with Pryor for the top spot.)

  18. John Ross WR/Washington-Titans (Rishard Matthews seems like the only wide receiver worth mentioning at this point. John Ross climbed the boards after his combine and should have himself a nice career.)

  19. Christian McCaffrey RB/Stanford-Bucs (Doug Martin’s future is up in the air. Jaquizz Rodgers was a nice change of pace back. Charles Sims cant stay healthy. Why not trade those three backs in for a newer model? McCaffrey has the genes to do great think. Instant franchise running back)

  20. Cam Robinson OT/Alabama-Broncos (Robinson (6-foot-6, 322 pounds) started every game of his three-year college career at left tackle. Did I mention the Broncos don't have a starting left tackle? This one is a no brainer)

  21. Taco Charlton DE/Michigan-Lions (Taco’s combine wasn't the greatest and is sometimes inconsistent but in Detroit he would have a good opportunity to learn from and on the other side of Ezekiel Ansah. If Taco pans out that line will be legit)

  22. Takkarist McKinley DE/OLB UCLA-Dolphins (McKinley plays both DE and OLB It is a bonus that the player plays two positions. Suh and McKinley on the same team would mean trouble for opponents.)

  23. Garrett Boles OT/Utah-Giants (The biggest glaring needs for the Giants is their offensive line and running back. At this point in the draft the top tier running backs are gone. The mantra is start from the line and build out. Garrett Boles can come in day one and start opposite Ereck Flowers)

  24. Gareon Conley CB/Ohio State-Raiders (QB-Check, Beast mode at RB- almost check. The Raiders have a fierce defense and may only be a cornerback away from a run)

  25. Patrick Mahomes QB/Texas Tech-Texans (This move makes almost too much sense. hometown hero who can sling the ball down the field. Deandre Hopkins would be very happy. Have a true competition between Savage and Mahomes)

  26. Ryan Ramczyk OT/Wisconsin-Seahawks (The Seahawks starting tackles right now are George Fant and Garry Gilliam. Haven't heard of them? Most people haven’t. Seahawks will need to address the line more than once in this draft)

  27. Tre'Davious White CB/LSU-Chiefs (Phillip Gaines is not the answer)

  28. David Njoku TE/Miami- Cowboys (Jason Witten just signed an extension he has no real shot of finishing. This year is the year to get a young tight end on the roster and have Witten be the mentor. Not only will knowledge come but it will also lighten Witten’s load)

  29. TJ Watt LB/Wisconsin- Packers (Packers have little depth behind Nick Perry and Clay Matthews. Julius Peppers is 37. Watt can play both OLB and ILB. He checks the boxes to be the #2 at all four linebacker spots)

  30. Jabrill Peppers LB/Michigan-Steelers (Every linebacker on the Steelers was underwhelming last year. You insert Jabrill Peppers and you immediately have a spark plug to rejuvenate that defense. The fact that he can play safety two makes it even more intriguing.

  31. Hasson Reddick DE/Temple- Falcons (Falcons have one the best offenses in recent memory. The defense lost them a Super Bowl plain and simple.They need a playmaker on the line. Hasson Reddick can be a player who comes in and has the chance to be a leader. The roster right now is black at the position with Clayborn, Reed and Crawford. Perfect fit)

  32. Tim Williams DE/Alabama-Saints (Saints do not have a defensive end on the left side to speak of. Start Williams opposite Cameron Jordan and let the fun begin)

John Hazelet

1 Browns – DE - Myles Garret - Texas A&M

No change from my 1.0. I do not buy that the Browns would take Mitch Trubisky in this spot although I do believe they have strong interest.

2 49'ers - S - Jamal Adams - LSU

No change from my 1.0. Adams might be the closest to a sure thing Pro-Bowler on the defensive side of the ball.

3 Bears – CB - Marshon Lattimore - Ohio State

This is the first change from my 1.0. The Bears. I still think Solomon Thomas is a good fit here but in division that plays Aaron Rodgers and Mathew Stafford two times each per season, I think they will address their secondary. I wouldnt sleep on Hooker in this spot either.

4 Jags - QB - DeShaun Watson - Clemson

The Jags have spent a lot of money on their Defense this off season. At #4, I think they would like to address the offense. I think they can go a lot of different ways. Fournette and Howard both could be a fit here. Watson is not my favorite QB in this draft by a long shot but I think he makes a bigger splash. This pick sets up a QB battle between Bortles and Watson, may the best man win.

5 Titans - O.J. Howard - TE - Alabama

I originally had Corey Davis here. I think Howard becomes the guy because he is someone that can help in the pass game as well as the run. Howard is a player that would transcend this offense.

6 Browns (From Jets) - Mitch Trubisky – QB - NC

The Browns send their 12 and 33 overall to the Jets for their 6 and Sheldon Richardson. The Browns get the hometown QB that they covet and add a player in Richardson who is coming in with a chip on his shoulder in a contract year. Richardson on one side and Garret on the other, that will be a huge boost to their defense.The Jets pick up much needed draft picks and shed a player who has become a headache. Addition by subtraction for the Jets.

7 Chargers - S - Malik Hooker - Ohio State

Hooker is a Safety that can cover. I think he is a fit at a need position for the Chargers. No change from my 1.0

8 Panthers - RB - Leonard Fournette - LSU

Toss up for me here between Fournette, Solomon Thomas and a CB. I go with Fournette who will compliment the Panthers offense well.

9 Bengals - DE - Solomon Thomas - Stanford

This would have been Rueben Foster but I think Thomas is a better fit for the Bengals who would be thrilled to have Thomas slide to 9.

10 Bills - WR - Mike Williams - Clemson

The Bills can use a compliment to Sammie Watkins and Williams is a great fit. If Watson is still available at this point it would not shock me to see the Bills take him here.

11 Saints – DE – Derek Barnett - Tennessee

The Saints can go in a lot of directions here including their possible QB of the future, Christian McCaffrey or some secondary help. I say Barnett is the pick. Teaming him with Cameron Jordan gives the Saints some nice push up front.

12 Texans (from Jets, from Browns) - QB - Patrick Mahomes - Texas Tech

The Jets get the Texans 25, 57 and 3rd in 2018.The Texans have to come up from 25 to get in front of the Cardinals to get their man. Mahomes, in my opinion, will be the best QB to come from this draft class. He is a smart kid with a strong arm. I say he is the Texans starter very early in the season if not by week 1.

13 Cardinals – DE - Jonathan Allen - Alabama

Striking out with landing Trubisky or Mahomes the Cardinals go with the best D-line prospect on the board as a replacement for Calais Campbell.

14 Eagles - CB - Tre'Davious White - LSU

The Eagles addressed their WR need in free agency, now it’s time to add to their secondary. In a division that has OBJ, Brandon Marshall, Bryant, and Pryor for 2 games per year each, the Eagles can use a guy who can cover like White. He can also contribute on special teams.

15 Colts - Ryan Ramczyk - T - Wisconsin

The Colts need 2 things. Offensive Line help to protect Andrew Luck and just about everything on Defense. Ramczyk will make an instant impact for the Colts who will look to address their defense in later rounds.

16 Buccs (From Ravens) – RB - Dalvin Cook FSU

The Ravens get the Buccs 19 and 84. Cook brings an explosiveness that is the missing link to a potentially explosive offense.

17 Redskins - RB - Christian McCaffrey - Stanford

I considered going John Ross here as a replacement to D Jax but McCaffrey makes a lot of sense here. The Redskins can use an upgrade at RB and this guy provides it. McCaffrey will not only help in the run game but in the pass game and special teams as well.

18 Titans - CB - Marlon Humphrey - Alabama

I have the Titans adding a TE with their 5. Here they address the CB spot with Humphrey. According to some scouts, Humphrey might need time for his technique to catch up with his traits. Even if that is the case, I think the Titans would be happy to have him at 18.

19 Ravens - LB - Reuben Foster - Alabama

Being sent home from the combine or failing the drug test have no impact on this kid’s talent. The Ravens can also address Corner or WR here. My bet is that they try to find the next Ray Lewis... and they just might have. Foster is top 3 in talent in my opinion. Off field issues aside, this kid is a violent football player and will make whatever team drafts him better.

20 Broncos - Garett Bolles - T - Utah

The Broncos are hurting on the offensive line and the get a good one here. Bolles has elite athletic ability and foot quickness he can slide in and be a starter for the Broncos right away.

21 Lions - Taco Charlton - DE - Michigan

The Lions go a long way to improving their pass rush by going in state to do so. Coupling Taco with Ziggy Ansah gives the Lions a formidable pass rush for years to come.

22 Dolphins - David Njoku - TE - Miami

I debated on Njoku or Hassan Reddick in this spot. Both would fill a need for the Dolphins. I also think moving up to get O.J. Howard is a real possibility. I know the Dolphins added Julius Thomas and brought back Anthony Fassano but adding Njoku will solidify this position on what I believe is an offense on that is already on the come for 2017.

23 Giants - Evan Engram – TE - Miss

With Bolles and Ramczyk both gone, the Giants go with either Lamp or Engram in this spot. My guess is Engram. The Giants added Marshall to an already impressive group of WR's. Engram will give the Giants a fourth big time option in the passing game.

24 Raiders - John Ross - WR - Washington

I struggled with this spot, the Raiders could fill a need at LB, DT or CB but I think Ross could take this passing game to a new level with his big-play ability. I think Mark Davis honors his father by doing what Al did for years and taking the fastest player in the draft.

25 Jets (From Texans) - Gareon Conley - Ohio State

A quick recap.. The Jets have now moved down twice and added two second round picks and a 3rd for next year. With this spot I think the Jets can go a number of ways. Caleb Brantley would fit nice at NT, Hasaan Reddick and his explosiveness would also be a fit. Combine failed drug test players Jabril Peppers and Ruben Foster are also still on my board. On offense, they could go with Corey Davis and add him to an already talented and young group of WR's. However, I think one or more of these players could be available when the Jets pick with their newly acquired 33rd pick over all. My bet is they go CB at this spot and I think they get a good one in Conely. Slightly over shadowed by Lattimore, Conley has the right size and quickness to fit Todd Bowles scheme.

26 Seahawks - Forrest Lamp - OG - Western Kentucky

Seattle fills a huge need at Tackle by drafting Lamp. He is strong at the point of attack with the ability to get a push in the ground game and that is two areas that Seattle struggled with. Hassan Reddick wouldt surprise me in this spot either, I just think the need at Tackle is greater than their need for an Edge rusher.

27 Chiefs - Joe Mixon - RB - Oklahoma

The Chiefs will no doubt be in the QB trade derby but I don’t think they can move up to get one of the big 3. Ultimately as I said in my 1.0 I think Watson is the apple of their eye. Mixon comes with some baggage but he is the best RB on the board and I think Andy Reid can handle Mixon’s off field issues.

28 Cowboys - Teez Tabor - CB - Florida

The Cowboys secondary has taken a huge hit in Free Agency and Tabor is their first step in rebuilding it. Tabor has terrific size and quickness but his ability to cover the quick WR could be a concern.

29 Green Bay Packers - TJ Watt - LB - Wisconsin

Watt may lack the true speed to be considered a big time Edge rusher but he is a long limbed, high effort defender who posted impressive numbers his one year as a starter at Wisconsin. Watt may need to improve his pass rush technique to have long term success in the league but I think he may have a good resource for a pass rush mentor in his brother JJ.

30 Pittsburgh Steelers - Hassan Reddick - LB - Temple

While their might be an urge to draft Kizer as an eventual replacement for Big Ben, I think the Steelers instead will take the eventual replacement of James Harrison. Reddick can be explosive. I think he is exactly what the Steelers are looking for.

31 Atlanta Falcons - Jabrill Peppers - LB/S - Michigan

Safety is a need for the defending NFC Champs. Peppers, despite his failed drug test at the combine is a nice get for the Falcons. His flexibility is a huge plus and he will contribute on special teams as well.

32 New Orleans Saints - WR - Corey Davis - Western Michigan

I still like Kizer in this spot as well but the Saints would pounce on Davis should he fall this far down which I would say is unlikely. If the draft falls this way, the Saints could also double down on Defense and grab Ruben Foster here as well.

Kevin Lidlow

  1. Cleveland Browns- Myles Garrett DE Texas A & M- The Browns are in need of of a quarterback but I don’t think they can pass up on a true DE like Garrett. He is without a doubt the best player in the draft and the most complete player in his respective position. The QB’s in this draft need time to develop.

  2. San Francisco 49ers- Mitch Trubisky QB UNC- In my last mock draft I looked at the 49ers to trade down to 17, but reports are saying that they are interested in taking a QB. I think San Francisco would be perfect for Trubisky especially under new Head Coach Kyle Shananon.

  3. Chicago Bears- Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio State- After signing QB Mike Glennon the Bears will not pursue a quarterback in the draft. That being said I see them focusing on DB and why not take the most flashy player?

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars- Leonard Fournette RB LSU- Jaguars need more balance at offense, adding a running back would take the pressure off of Bortles and they already have an outstanding young defense.

  5. Tennessee Titans- Corey Davis WR Western Michigan- Mariota needs some very talented wide receivers and Davis is the perfect fit. He’s 6’3 208 pounds, has an Alpha attitude on the field and not afraid to take on the challenge of heavy target load. Excellent competitiveness. Focuses like a laser when ball is in the air.

  6. New York Jets- O.J Howard TE Alabama- The Jets are in need of a quarterback and defense but they could get one later in the round or even next year, Howard is a sure thing and a great all around player. Plus Macc says he plans on taking the best player available.

  7. Los Angeles Chargers- Mike Williams WR Clemson- The Chargers are in need of a wide receiver to compliment Gordon and Allen. They are quietly building a very talented defense but I don’t see them going first round defense even though it makes sense.

  8. Carolina Panthers- Christian Mccaffrey RB Stanford- Cam Newton needs some help and Mccaffrey is a great runner and a very dynamic weapon in the passing game.

  9. Cincinnati Bengals- Soloman Thomas DE Stanford- Thomas provides versatility and pass rush. Plus, the bengals need to get younger at their defensive line.

  10. Buffalo Bills- Malik Hooker S Ohio State- bills add an impactful player and the one that makes the most sense especially under McDermott’s first year as a head coach.

  11. 11) New Orleans Saints- Jamal Adams S LSU- Saints add a top three player and they boost up their defense.

12) Cleveland Browns- Deshaun Watson QB Clemson- The Browns have two first round picks this year, they took the best defensive end and now they will take a good quarterback.

13) Arizona Cardinals- Cordrea Tankersley CB Clemson- After losing Tony Jefferson, the Cardinals need to add depth to their CB roster, Tankersley has good size would fit perfect.

14) Philadelphia Eagles- Gareon Conley CB Ohio State- This is a heavily talented CB group, I think in this stage of the rounds where we will see them go off the board, the eagles need corners especially in a division where there are multiple talented receivers.

15) Indianapolis Colts- Ryan Ramcyzk OL Wisconsin- Luck is getting killed out there, last year they drafted Conklin which helped them a lot. I see them going line again.

16) Baltimore Ravens- John Ross WR Washington- Flacco finds a nice deep threat wide receiver so he can use his cannon of an arm. Plus Ross was the fastest WR in the combine.

17) Washington Redskins- Reuben Foster LB Alabama- After reports about him failing the drug tests I think Foster would end up falling to the Redskins at 17 and it would be a good pick because he is arguably the best player in the draft.

18) Tennessee Titans- Forest Lamp OG Western Kentucky- The Titans need corners and help at the WR position but I think they go safe here and get an lineman.

19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jabrill Peppers LB Michigan- The Bucs would get a solid player that can play mulitple positions.

20) Denver Broncos- Cam Robinson OT Alabama- A guy with excellent size, strength, and power, he would be a perfect fit for the Broncos.

21) Detroit Lions- Takkarist McKinley DE UCLA- McKinley would be ultra-productive playing opposite of Ziggy Ansah in the Lions' defensive front.

22) Miami Dolphins- Tre’Devious White CB LSU- White has top-notch feet and can mirror and match with the best of them. Miami is light at cornerback; White should be able to step in and be an immediate third corner with a chance to win a starting spot in camp.

23) New York Giants- Garrett Bolles OT Utah- Ereck Flowers is not working out a tackle for the Giants, so they need new blood there.

24) Oakland Raiders- Zach Cunningham LB Vanderbilt- Adding Cunningham would be great for the raiders because he would compliment an already talented group with Mack and Irvin.

25) Houston Texans- DeShone Kizer QB Notre Dame- The Texans are in need of a quarterback and luckily for them one of the top three would fall right onto their lap.

26) Seattle Seahawks- Kevin King CB Washington- He is an ideal player for the hawks as he is instinctive, athletic, and very competitive.

27) Kansas City Chiefs- Dalvin Cook RB Florida state- Even with his shoulder injury, that won’t be enough for the Chiefs to not pick him as Jamal Charles successor.

28) Dallas Cowboys- Adoree Jackson CB USC- Jackson is a polarizing player in personnel circles, but he is a special athlete who would fill a big need for the Cowboys.

29) Green Bay Packers- Teez Tabor CB Florida- He needs to run faster than what you recorded at the combine but overall a great player.

30) Pittsburgh Steelers- Taco Charlton DE Michigan- Charlton’s agility would allow him to succeed in Pittsburgh and they need an outside rusher.

31) Atlanta Falcons- Dion Dawkins OG Temple- The Falcons need to keep their offensive line stout for their explosive offense.

32) New Orleans Saints- T.J Watt OLB Wisconsin- The Saints have two first round picks and I think they spend it on another defensive player and a high impactful player like Watt who is fast and effective.

Frederick Blue

  1. Browns-Myles Garrett- Best pass rusher in the draft by far. All talk regarding the Browns and a QB will not happen at this pick.

  2. 49ers-Solomon Thomas-Could be a surprise here with the Lynch/Shannahan brain trust running the show, but 49ers need playmakers on defense

  3. Bears- Jamal Adams-Best safety in the draft, hands down.

  4. Jaguars- Leonard Fournette- Jaguars have good set of receivers. A stud running game could only help Bortles.

  5. Titans- Jonathan Allen-There is some thought they go receiver here, but Allen will be hard to pass up

  6. Jets-Marshon Lattimore-Jets needs playmakers in the secondary. They have the opportunity to get the best one, hamstring issues aside.

  7. Chargers-Malik Hooker- Makes too much sense for the Bolts

  8. Panthers-O.J. Howard- A Howard/Olsen combo would be lethal. All of this Christian McCaffrey love, he does not fit their offense

  9. Bengals-Reuben Foster- Foster/Burfict duo would be lit!!!

  10. Buffalo- Mike Williams-Another receiver in the 1st round for the Bills

  11. Saints- Taco Charlton- Defense, defense, defense

  12. Browns-Mitchell Trubinsky-And to think they could have Wentz right now. This one reeks of desperation

  13. Cardinals-Corey Davis- Arguably the best receiver in the draft.

  14. Eagles-Christian McCaffrey-Now, he fits this offense

  15. Colts-Derek Barnett- Just a notch below Garrett, but a good fit for the Colts

  16. Baltimore-Hassan Reddick- Soaring up draft boards since the Combine

  17. Redskins- Takkarist McKinley- Bolster the pass rush and mitigate the effect of Trent Murphy suspension

  18. Titans-John Ross- Here is their receiver with their 2nd first round pick

  19. Buccaneers- Cam Robinson- They could surprise with Dalvin Cook, but get some more protection for Winston

  20. Broncos-Ryan Ramczyk

  21. Lions-Jarrad Davis

  22. Dolphins-Malik McDowell

  23. Giants-Garett Bolles

  24. Raiders-Jabrill Peppers-Raiders will find a home for him as a hybrid

  25. Texans-Deshaun Watson-Still trying to find a QB. Watson has shown he’s a winner, but can he make the jump successfully?

  26. Seahawks-Tre-Davious White- Won’t matter if Sherman is there or not. Adds another playmaker

  27. Chiefs-Patrick Mahomes- Andy Reid will develop this guy. Strong arm, just needs some polish

  28. Cowboys-Charles Harris-Good value at this pick and fills a need for the Boys

  29. Packers- TJ Watt- A Packer kind of LB

  30. Steelers-David Njoku- Ben gets a new toy

  31. Falcons- Forrest Lamp-More protection for Matt Ice

  32. Saints- Adoree Jackson- Saints continue to focus on defense and also get a special teams playmaker to boot

Brandon Turner

  1. Cleveland Browns: DE Myles Garrett (Texas A&M) No surprise here as the Browns take the consensus best player in the draft. A true elite pass rusher who dominated all season while injured. There might be a discussion about QB here after whiffing on Wentz last year but the Browns will bank on their second pick of the 1st to fill that need.

  2. San Francisco 49ers: DE Solomon Thomas (Stanford) With Cousins staying in Washington a case could be made to grab a QB here, but Kyle Shanahan’s offense is not rookie friendly (one of the reason they were looking at Cousins in the first place) as it confused even Matt Ryan at times. Instead the Niners take a player with potentially the highest ceiling in the draft.

  3. Chicago Bears: QB Mitch Trubisky (UNC CH) The Bears move on from the Cutler era with a bang and draft the top QB in the draft. Trubisky is impressive as the most complete prospect but only has one year of tape and has the lingering question of why he only started 13 games for Chapel Hill.

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars: RB Leonard Fournette (LSU) The Jaguars get an absolute monster to try and help out the struggling Bortles on offense. One way to reduce interceptions is to force linebackers and safeties to respect the run game, and respect it they will, because if you let Fournette build a head of steam he will turn you into a highlight reel.

  5. Tennessee Titans: CB Marlon Humphrey (Alabama) The top corner in this draft is a toss-up as multiple players have a shot at the honor but its Humphrey size and speed to go with playing against top tier competition that separates him for me. The hope is he can step in and contribute right away. The Titans are coming together.

  6. New York Jets: S Jamal Adams (LSU) The Jets go defense again but this time grab a much needed leader to pair with Leonard Williams. Jamal Adams has a Ray Lewis level influence on a locker room to pair with impeccable instincts at safety. He and Williams can be the cornerstone to a Jets defense that can be great for years.

  7. LA Chargers: S Malik Hooker (OSU) The Chargers look to create a DE, S combo of their own by pairing Hooker with Joey Bosa. Hookers unmatched range and nose for the football will have him stacking Ints even in year one. Helping his stock are rumors he already looks great after some off-season surgery.

  8. Carolina Panthers: DE Jonathan Allen (Alabama) After moving on from the inconsistent Kony Ealy the Panthers get a leader and the model of consistency in Alabama’s team captain. Allen has been the driving force behind Alabama’s success and will take that pedigree to Charlotte.

  9. Cincinnati Bengals: TE OJ Howard (Alabama) Howard never quite lived up to the hype at Alabama but many scouts say he’ll make an even better pro. Andy Dalton could fall in love with Howard’s 6’6” frame.

  10. Buffalo Bills: WR Mike Williams (Clemson) The Bills chose to keep Tyrod Taylor and now add another Clemson superstar for him to throw to. Mike Williams has a Megatron type ceiling and will be a force in the AFC East.

  11. New Orleans Saints: DE Derek Barnett (TENN) The Saints are still trying to rebuild their defense and a presence off the edge like Derek Barnett would go a long way towards that. His hand usage is second to none and helps make up for his lack of prototypical size.

  12. Cleveland Browns: QB Deshaun Watson (Clemson) The Browns gamble that a QB they like will still be here at 12 and are rewarded with the reigning college champ Watson. Watson’s turnovers and pitiful ball velocity may scare some teams but his moxie and IT factor are exactly what a struggling franchise like Cleveland needs.

  13. Arizona Cardinals: LB Zach Cunningham (Vanderbilt) A twitchy playmaker who can play all 3 downs, Cunningham could be a pro-bowler if he can clean up all his missed tackles. There are some who believe his tackling will improve when he’s on a defense where he doesn’t have to do everything himself, leaving him less gassed and more focused.

  14. Philadelphia Eagles: CB Tre’Davious White (LSU) Revis-lite. A pure cover corner who can step in right away and make an impact. Struggles in run defense and doesn’t have blazing speed but makes up for it with advanced mechanics for the position.

  15. Indianapolis Colts: OT Ryan Ramczyk (Wisconsin) The Colts have needs all over the team but hopefully they finally have a competent front office who can see that protecting Luck is always the first priority. Ramczyk is a future long-time left tackle in the league. He is brilliant at understanding what pass rushers are trying to do to him and never falls for a twist or blitz. Patient, precise, and smooth with the knowledge that comes from playing offensive line for Wisconsin. Has played against many future NFL pass rushers and proven himself. Only medical issues have held him back from going higher.

  16. Baltimore Ravens: WR John Ross (Washington) Flacco finally gets his deep ball back with the Washington speedster. Ross demands a defense’s attention as he can hit a homerun on any play. A fiery player who will fit right in with the Ravens, Ross only downside is his lack of physicality.

  17. Washington Redskins: LB Jabrill Peppers (Michigan) Someone was going to reach for the hybrid peppers and it makes sense it would be the dysfunctional Redskins. Peppers is a freak athlete but a diluted sample at the combine and questions over which is his natural positon pushed him out of any talk of the top ten. Have no fear though because after canning their impressive GM over jealousy issues, and then hiding behind past alcohol issues as the reason, Dan Snyder is back in charge making strange picks.

  18. Tennessee Titans: WR Corey Davis (Western Michigan) Mariota desperately needs his guy at the WR position, who can help him be better instead of the other way around. Corey Davis is silky smooth in his routes and plays WR like he’s already a veteran. He put on a clinic in college and has drawn Eric Decker comparisons. Match him with someone like Mariota and watch out. He might end up being the best WR in this class.

  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: CB Quincy Wilson (Florida) Some scouts believe Wilson is the best CB in this draft, some think he should switch to safety. The polarizing prospect has impressive stats, a good attitude, and has a nose for the ball. His footwork can be sloppy though and he can be too handsy but the Buccaneers will get a premier player at good value.

  20. Denver Broncos: OT Cam Robinson (Alabama) Cam Robinson has huge size and absolutely crushes in the run game. As the Broncos lean more and more upon that aspect of their offense Robinson will fit right in. He has played against top tier edge talent and hasn’t always shut them down, so there is some risk there.

  21. Detroit Lions: DE Takkarist McKinley (UCLA) A defensive end who could play OLB McKinley is an undersized but fierce talent that will pressure the QB from day one. Him and Ansah could make offense’s lives miserable and start to bring Detroit back to being contenders.

  22. Miami Dolphins: OG Forrest Lamp (Western Kentucky) Lamp doesn’t have the length to play tackle but will dominate inside as a guard. He’s as good as it gets as a prospect mentally and has unreal athleticism that shuts down bull rushes and opens up the run game.

  23. New York Giants: OT Garett Bolles (Utah) Flowers and Hart struggled all year long at tackle for Big Blue and caused the offense to once again struggle to be consistent. Bolles is a one year starter but has the ceiling of a premier left tackle.

  24. Oakland Raiders: LB Reuben Foster (Alabama) The Raiders had next to nothing at linebacker this year, signing veteran free agents midseason to try and get some sort of production. Counting on Khalil Mack to cover up the LB play isn’t a good strategy and so the Raiders take a chance on the troubled Foster in the hopes he can solidify the position. Foster won the Butkus award as the nation’s top linebacker, is a vicious hitter, and by his play should be a top ten pick. On the other hand he was asked to leave the combine after an incident with an employee but not before leaving a diluted sample that failed his drug test. A high risk, high reward pick for the raiders.

  25. Houston Texans: QB Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech) After the Osweiler failure and years of sub-par veterans manning the QB role; the defense, fans, and Obrien need something new to raise morale. Mahomes has risen up boards as more teams have put on his tape and seen some of the jaw dropping throws he made this year. He still lacks touch on his throws and is as raw as they come but arms like his are rare.

  26. Seattle Seahawks: CB Marshon Lattimore (OSU) With no O-lineman worth taking the Seahawks go for value and a need here and get the physical corner with the great combine. I originally had Lattimore much higher but hamstring issues and a small sample size have led to rumors that he’s not as high as other corners on some team’s boards.

  27. Kansas City Chiefs: RB Christian McCaffrey (Stanford) An elusive runner who can do it on the ground and in the air, McCaffrey gives a much desired playmaker to the suddenly RB needy Chiefs.

  28. Dallas Cowboys: DE Charles Harris (Missouri) The Cowboys have tried for multiple seasons to solve their pass rush issues with low character players at a value but are finally forced to use a 1st round pick. Harris comes at a great value as his numbers were deflated this year from Missouri asking him to do a lot more than get after the QB.

  29. Green Bay Packers: OLB T.J. Watt (Wisconsin) I originally had CB Gareon Conley here but with the recent rape allegations it’s very possible he sees a La’el Collins like draft day tumble. Instead the Packers get T.J. Watt who impressed off the edge this season after years of battling injury. With his future hall of fame brother as resource and the ability to play against both the run and the pass, T.J. makes his way into the first round.

  30. Pittsburgh Steelers: OLB Carl Lawson (Auburn) The Steelers tried and failed to steal Hightower away from the Patriots and switch to plan B with Lawson. Lawson doesn’t have natural bend but he’s a refined rusher who can complement Bud Dupree.

  31. Atlanta Falcons: DE Derek Rivers (Missouri Valley) Rivers is a player who’s been mocked to the Falcons consistently as they search for someone to play across the incredible Vic Beasley. Rivers doesn’t have elite pass rushing traits but displays a high motor that wears down defenses and will be great for cleaning up from the pressure Beasley will bring.

  32. New Orleans Saints: CB Chidobe Awuzie (Colorado) The Saints STILL are last in pass defense going into next season. They need answers at CB and they look to Awuzie who has risen up draft boards this off-season. Awuzie is a long CB with speed who sticks to WRs using fluid steps and is used to playing man on man. He isn’t the best tackler and his hand usage could draw penalties at the next level but he’s a steal with the last pick in the draft.

Alex Hand

Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett – Edge – Texas A&M

Despite Hue Jackson’s affection for Mitch Trubisky, in a meeting with the head coach, Myles Garrett told Browns’ staff that he will make their lives hell if he isn’t taken with the first overall pick. That Peyton Manning-like attitude mixed with Trubisky’s lowly 13 starts at North Carolina virtually solidifies this selection as Garrett.

San Francisco 49ers – Solomon Thomas – DE – Stanford

I don't believe any teams will be willing to trade up for the second-overall pick or bite on the rumors that San Fran is interested in selecting a quarterback will their first selection. John Lynch is tasked with remolding the defense from a 3-4 to a 4-3 with minimal fitting pieces. Thomas can at least come in and be that bookend edge rusher at DE.

Chicago Bears – Jamal Adams – S – LSU

Chicago, despite initial reactions on draft days in the past, has made very positive selections in the first round, i.e. Leonard Floyd, Kevin White (when healthy), and Kyle Fuller. So taking a stellar role model and healthy safety in Adams is exactly what the Bears need in order to begin competing in the NFC North again.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Leonard Fournette – RB – LSU

Despite the recent history of Jacksonville taking an edge rusher with their first-round selection, Blake Bortles (or whomever the QB might be) is going to need an every down running back. Shall Fournette live up to his Bo Jackson comparisons; the Jags will have all the pieces in place to finally take over their division.

Tennessee Titans – Marshon Lattimore – CB – Ohio State

Numerous reports state the Titans are in love with Lattimore and they rightfully should be. A shutdown cornerback at Ohio State, Lattimore can come in and contribute immediately for a Tennessee franchise also hunting for a post-season appearance like the team that drafted before them.

New York Jets – Malik Hooker – FS – Ohio State

Hooker has been titled the rangiest safety in college football, which is exactly what the underwhelming Jets need at secondary. Even with his 4-6 month injury recovery timetable, Hooker should still make a strong appearance in 2017, which is convenient since the Jets aren’t even close to being compatible for the playoffs.

Los Angeles Chargers – Johnathan Allen – DT – Alabama

Allen is the only top prospect the Chargers have had a private interview with and would pair amazingly well right next to Joey Bosa in new-DC Gus Bradley’s 4-3 defense.

Carolina Panthers – Cam Robinson – OT – Alabama

Even during their Super Bowl run, the need for depth across the offensive line was obvious. The Panthers have already brought in Robinson for a private interview as well as a workout. The running back class is deep this year, unlike OL prospects.

Cincinnati Bengals – Reuben Foster – LB – Alabama

Foster has been a player the Bengals have definitely needed after having its offense face divisional foes like C.J. Mosley and Ryan Shazier twice a season. Like Mosley, Foster is an Alabama product that should be a plug-and-play in what might inevitably be Marvin Lewis’s last season as head coach in Cincinnati.

Buffalo Bills – Marlon Humphrey – CB – Alabama

The Bills failed to match the New England Patriots tender for cornerback Stephen Gilmore, meaning Buffalo is now is desperate search of a CB#1 for their defense. As an Alabama product, Humphrey should be able to come in and start right away for Sean McDermott’s new defense.

New Orleans Saints – Taco Charlton – DE – Michigan

The Saints need help on defense, and Charlton has been receiving comparisons to that of the ultra athletic Carlos Dunlap. At his worst, he could still serve as a tremendous rotational piece behind Cameron Jordan.

Cleveland Browns – Mitch Trubisky – QB – North Carolina

Mitch Trubisky loves the Browns and the Browns love Mitch. There is a lot of speculation that Cleveland will trade up with one of the teams in the top eight in order to draft Trubisky, but I don't believe that will be necessary. If Cleveland catches wind that the Jets would rather build their defense than gamble on another quarterback, the Browns front office should remain patients and let Trubisky fall to them.

Arizona Cardinals – DeShone Kizer – QB – Notre Dame

The Cardinals made many questionable moves this offseason and have a history of unfulfilled draft selections over the past few years. When combined with Bruce Arians praise for Kizer as being the only QB prospect capable of starting day 1, along with Carson Palmer’s inevitable retirement, the Cards might reach and take their quarterback of the future in the first round.

Philadelphia Eagles – Corey Davis – WR – Western Michigan

The Eagles signed wide receivers Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith to short-term contracts and come with zero guarantees that they will stay healthy or produce the numbers the team might expect from them. Davis is an ideal fit for Philadelphia’s West Coast-offense and would become a terrific building block to pair with Carson Wentz.

Indianapolis Colts – Derek Barnett – OLB – Tennessee

Similarly to the Saints, the Colts need help everywhere defensively. Barnett is a true outside linebacker in that he can drop into coverage as well as he can rush the passer, and would surely boost the capabilities of a below average defensive unit.

Baltimore Ravens – John Ross – WR – Washington

With the retiring of Steve Smith, Baltimore is now more in need of a #1 wideout than ever before. Ross broke the 40-yard dash record and showed on his college tape that it wasn’t just a fluke.

Washington – Christian McCaffrey – RB – Stanford

With the loss of DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon in free agency, and the teams indecisiveness to run a three down back, McCaffrey could just be that offense/special teams weapon to spark some magic that Washington could very well be lacking.

Tennessee Titans – Mike Williams – WR – Clemson

The Titans addressed cornerback with their first selection. Now they will address wideout with a monster from Clemson. Williams will be able to come in and assist Marcus Mariota immediately and add some excitement to this ever-growing AFC South division.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – O.J. Howard – TE – Alabama

The Bucs have slowly stockpiled talent on both sides of the ball over the past couple of seasons, and adding a stud tight end would only increase the ceiling of this offense.

Denver Broncos – Ryan Ramczyk – OT – Wisconsin

Denver’s offensive line has become a joke since their Super Bowl victory, and with a huge question mark regarding who the starting quarterback might be moving forward, it’s always best to ensure that said franchise has two bookend tackles to make the job easier for the signal caller.

Detroit Lions – Takkarist McKinley – LB – UCLA

The Lions could go multiple directions here, but they are exceptionally thin at the linebacker position. Adding a playmaking like McKinley would take some pressure off the defensive line and assist the secondary when needed; which will be quite often in a division possessing terrific tight ends.

Miami Dolphins – Jarrad Davis – LB – Florida

Florida NFL teams are noticeably partial toward collegiate Florida teams, and with a sizable tie between most linebackers around the 22 overall pick, Davis would be an instant upgrade to a Dolphins team looking to complete its defense.

NY Giants – David Njoku – TE – Miami

The Giants have been quite interested in Njoku and vice-versa. Big Blue has met with the Miami tight end via the combine, a private workout, a local meeting, and a private interview. Njoku is a North Jersey native and New York would love to spread the ball around using multiple tight end sets.

Oakland Raiders – Dalvin Cook – RB – Florida State

Despite the pending addition of Marshawn Lynch, the Raiders are still going to need a running back for the long-term. Lynch will serve as a terrific mentor to Cook as he attempts to stay out of trouble, and Cook should be able to easily take the pressure off of Lynch as they push the Raiders toward the post-season again.

Houston Texans – DeShaun Watson – QB – Clemson

With Tony Romo on his way to the broadcast booth, the Texans need to draft a quarterback this year. Watson, a two-time Heisman nominee, lead his team to a national title against Alabama. Despite the occasional inaccuracy, average height for the position, and language barrier that is an NFL offense, he gives the Texans the best chance to win the AFC South.

Seattle Seahawks – Garrett Bolles – OT – Utah

The Seahawks need all sorts of help on the offensive line. The defense will be able to provide for itself for 2017, but Russell Wilson is going to need more protection in the pass game even with Cheeseburger Eddie Lacy taking handoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs – Tre’Davious White – CB – LSU

White, who has met with the Chiefs at the combine, should be able to come in and contribute immediately; creating a nightmare in the AFC West playing across from Marcus Peters.

Dallas Cowboys – Gareon Conley – CB – Ohio State

With the loss of Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr, the Cowboys need help all over the secondary – as if they didn't before the offseason. Conley is good enough to at least come in as the starting nickelback and allow Byron Jones to roam free strictly at safety.

Green Bay Packers – T.J. Watt – LB – Wisconsin

The Packers could use a player with Watt-level work ethic and intangibles.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Zach Cunningham – LB – Vanderbilt

With T.J. Watt off the board, Cunningham shall be the linebacker that completes the core that will feature him, Ryan Shazier, James Harrison, and Bud Dupree.

Atlanta Falcons – Forest Lamp – OG – Western Kentucky

The Falcons do not need much in regards to positions needing filled given that they almost captured a Super Bowl this past season, so keeping the trenches strong should be their biggest priority.

New Orleans Saints – Pat Mahomes – QB – Texas Tech

Drew Brees is ancient and none of the current backups are looking to prove promising. Mahomes is very likely to be taken in the second round, so the Saints will be forced to take him with the last pick in the first round.

Rayfel Kroeger

1. Browns- Myles Garrett 2. 49ers- Solomon Thomas 3. Bears- Jamal Adams 4. Jaguars- OJ Howard 5. Titans- Jonathan Allen 6. Jets- Mitchell Trubisky 7. Chargers- Malik Hooker 8. Panthers- John Ross 9. Bengals- Derek Barnett 10. Bills- Marshon Lattimore 11. Saints- Marlon Humphrey 12. Browns- Deshaun Watson 13. Cardinals- Haason Reddick 14. Eagles- Leonard Fournette 15. Colts- Christian McCaffery 16. Ravens- Corey Davis 17. Redskins- Malik McDowell 18. Titans- Mike Williams 19. Buccaneers- Dalvin Cook 20. Broncos- Ryan Ramcyk 21. Lions- Reuben Foster 22. Dolphins- Forrest Lamp 23. Giants- Zach Cunningham 24. Raiders- Quincy Wilson 25. Texans- Patrick Mahomes 26. Seahawks- Garrett Bolles 27. Chiefs- Deshone Kizer 28. Cowboys- David Njoku 29. Packers- TJ Watt 30. Steelers- Tim Williams 31. Falcons- Budda Baker 32. Saints- Taco Charlton

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