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  • Kevin Lidlow

Best Option at Quarterback for the New York Jets

The Jets made their final hire to their coaching staff, as they hired former Chicago Bears quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates as the new quarterbacks coach. He is an important addition to this staff because he will be working with two QB’s that are young and unproven in Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. New Offensive Coordinator John Morton has never coached quarterbacks so obviously Bowles will rely on Bates to carry the workload. Now some of you may not know that Bates has coached with the Jets back in 2005. Of course you may know that was one of the worst seasons in history because both quarterbacks Chad Pennington and Jay Fielder got hurt in the same game.

This raises some speculation because Bates has only worked under one quarterback, and that was Jay Cutler. Which immediately raises the question on whether or not the Jets will pursue him in the offseason. This is a mistake because the Jets in recent years have had maybe one of the worst QB’s in the NFL, I don’t think I have to mention who they were. Jay Cutler although statistically had a couple of good seasons with probably two of really good receivers in Marshall, Jeffery, and Bennett. But how come the bears haven’t made the playoffs since 2010? He has been inconsistent in recent years, plus he was benched last season as well.

However, the Jets need a bridge quarterback so that they can actually develop their two young QB’s. That being said, I think Tyrod Taylor (if he’s cut by the bills) and Mike Glennon are higher on the Jets radar than Cutler. I like the Mike Glennon idea because he is a tall qb with a lot of potential. He had one season as the starter for the Bucs before they drafted Jamis Winston. Taylor also makes sense in which yes he has been inconsistent with the bills but he has not turned the ball over and the Jets technically have a better wide receiver corp than the Buffalo Bills.

The Jets need a quarterback that is ready to play now if they believe in Petty and Hackenberg. The next possible option is to draft one like a Watson, but even I don’t trust that and I rather seen them build the offensive line.

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