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Wide Receiver Prospects that Make Sense for the Eagles by Ryan Neal

The Eagles have a pressing need at the wide receiver position. If the Eagles elect to address this need through the draft, here are some of the players they should be looking into.

Firstly, the Eagles possess either the 14th or 15th pick. At that position, here are two receivers who are realistic targets for the Birds.

Corey Davis - 6’3 - 213 pounds - Western Michigan

In his time at Western Michigan, Davis accumulated 5,285 yards and 52 touchdowns. This past season, Davis caught 19 touchdowns, yes, 19 touchdowns. That is more than all Eagles receivers and tight ends this past season.

Davis might just be the most complete wide receiver in the draft, he can do it all. He has great hands, great route running, good speed, and even good blocking. He does a great job of spreading his 6’3 frame and catching the ball.

If the Eagles do not address the wide receiver position in free agency, their best bet would be Davis. He is the most complete receiver, he would come in on day one and be the Eagles best receiver.

2. John Ross - 5’11 - 190 pounds - Washington

Ross was often in the spotlight this season during Washington’s great playoff run. He was always making crazy plays for the Huskies. Ross caught 81 passes for 1,150 yards and 17 touchdowns this season. Yet again, he saw the end zone more times this season than the Eagles passing game.

Although he is not complete as Davis, he still is very valuable. Ross is best known for his blazing speed. Ross is a deep threat.

In my opinion, if the Eagles do sign a receiver like Kenny Britt, Ross would be a nice compliment to the Eagles receivers. Ross has the ability to stretch the field. He would be a great addition, and he sure would take some weight off of Wentz’s shoulders.

If the Eagles elect to go elsewhere with their first round pick, here are a couple of options available in the later rounds.

1. Isaiah Ford - 6’2 - 194 pound - Virginia Tech

Since his first game for the Hokies, Ford found a way to make an impact. In each of his three seasons he caught over 50 passes. This past season was his best, catching 79 passes for 1,094 yards and seven touchdowns.

Ford can line up anywhere on the field. Whether he is in the slot or on the outside, Ford will catch the ball. Ford is a great route runner and uses his frame very well. His route running is really what separates him from the rest.

2. Cooper Kupp - 6’2 - 194 pounds - Eastern Washington

Coming from a small school Kupp had a big chip on his shoulder when he entered the Senior Bowl. Kupp impressed a lot that week and as a result, he has shot up many teams’ draft boards.

Kupp set FCS records in receptions (428), yards (6,464), and touchdowns (73). Kupp just catches the ball. He is a very reliable receiver. He runs very clean routes too. He is going to be a very reliable receiver in the NFL, like a Julian Edleman or Jarvis Landry.

3. Zay Jones - 6’1 - 185 - Eastern Carolina

Jones also had a very impressive Senior Bowl. Some even say he will be the steal of the draft.

Jones flew under the radar this season. This past year, he caught 158 passes for 1,746 yards and eight touchdowns. And , yes, he caught 158 passes.

By knowing he caught 158 passes, you know he can catch the ball. Some say he has the cleanest hands in the whole draft. He would be a massive steal for the Eagles. Latest mocks have him all the way up in the second round now. 

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