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Dan Quinn: The One Who Got Away by Kevin Lidlow

     Protect yourself Jets because we are about to get our feelings hurt yet again, this team it is about a certain coach that they almost got but let him go. That guy of-course is Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn. In just two years, Quinn has taken his team to the Super Bowl and will play the New England Patriots next sunday in Houston Texas. He has completely changed that team into a serious competitor with an outstanding defense filled with a bunch of young guys and a offense that is perhaps the best in the league with quarterback Matt Ryan, running back Devonta Freeman, and all star wide receiver Julio Jones. While he is preparing his team for Super Bowl LI, the New York Jets are digging themselves out of a terrible 5-11 season.

      So the question is, did the Jets pick the wrong guy opting for Todd Bowles over Dan Quinn? For right now, the answer is yes; because Dan Quinn has done a terrific job bringing players that fits his needs for his defense which is a similar style to the Seattle Seahawks. However, this would be a short-sided conclusion being that it’s only his second year. Nobody was talking about this when Bowles went 10-6 while Quinn went 8-8 losing seven of the last nine games. During his second season though, Quinn has transformed the Falcons from a two man show to NFC champions. As for the Jets, it’s a different story but if they had a QB like Matt Ryan then we would be talking about how they are great team as well.

     Both guys were intrigued for a Homecoming, Quinn who lived near One Jets drive and was the assistant coach under Eric Mangini (2007-2008) for two seasons loved his job. While Bowles also a Jersey guy, jumped at his homecoming opportunity. But overall, Quinn has done a better job in the better job so far but it’s not over yet.

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