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Carson Wentz “ A New Hope” by Ryan Neal

Turn back the clock one year. The Eagles just ended a 7-9 season with Sam Bradford at the quarterback position. This time last season, no one knew what the future had in store for the Eagles. Now, fast forward one year, and the tide has turned. The Eagles have a very bright future.

At first glance, statistically this season, Wentz had an average year. However, that is not the case at all. Wentz completed the most passes by a rookie in NFL history (379) and had the fourth most passing yards by a rookie in NFL history (3,782). He also broke numerous rookie franchise records, as well as being the first Eagles quarterback to start all 16 games since 2008.

Knowing all of that, you have to ask yourself, how did he do it? Think about it, look what he was working with. His all-pro caliber right tackle was suspended for 10 games, he had no receiver who stretched the field, and lastly, he really did not have too many weapons. Aside from the aging Darren Sproles, Jordan Matthews, and Zach Ertz, Wentz was limited. The outside receivers (Dorial Green-Beckham, Nelson Agholor, and Bryce Treggs) were awful, they gave him no help what so ever. With that being said, you can only think once Wentz gets some weapons, he will thrive.

However, even without weapons, he had a great year. We saw a composed rookie who went out each game and completed his heart out, especially in the last couple of games. The last few games offered us the chance to really see the future. In that moment, Wentz shined the most. He was high in confidence, making big time plays, completing deep passes, and defeating division rivals.

When the Eagles drafted Carson Wentz with the second overall pick, they finally got stability at the quarterback position. It also meant that the Eagles finally had a player to build around for years to come, and build they will.

With Wentz at quarterback, the Eagles have a new hope. There is a very bright future ahead for the Eagles. The motto in Philadelphia seems to be “Trust the Process”. All I can say is, hold on Philadelphia, the best is yet to come, there is a new hope. 

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