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John Hazelet's Daily Fantasy: Divisional Round

Seahawks @ Falcons: Prediction: Falcons 34 -24

Both QB’s in this game are very playable. Matt Ryan @ 8300 is a nice start even against the Seattle defense. Let's not forget in the last match up between these two Ryan put up 22.6 FDP's in Seattle. Coming off of the bye and Julio Jones getting a week to rest… I think this is the perfect storm for Ryan. I play him in a lot of lineups this week. Russell Wilson 8200 is still a strong play. Wilson is a threat to score with his legs as well as with his arm is worth considering this week.

The RB position is also very healthy in this game. Let’s start with Devonta Freeman 7600. Seattle held Freeman to just 6.5 FTPs in their regular-season match up but I look for him to bounce back in this game. Thomas Rawls @ 7500 is A very strong play. Rawls put up big numbers last week and I think if Seattle is going to keep it close he will need a big week. Tevin Coleman should not be forgot about here @ 5900 he is a reasonable price but there are probably five or six running backs I'd like to start over him. He is a nice cheap option if you are falling short on cap space.

At WR Julio Jones at 8300 in my opinion is a must start. Jones may have benefited more from the bye week than any other player. I absolutely love him this week especially considering Earl Thomas is out. Doug Baldwin at 7900 is also a strong start and someone I will get into a few lineups. He is always a favorite target of Wilson. Taylor Gabriel @ 5500 will also make his way into some of my lineups. The guy is a threat to score every time he touches the ball and I could see him getting 10 to 12 touches in this game.

The only noteworthy TE is Jimmy Graham. 6800 is a decent price for a guy who should be Seattle's number one target in the red zone.

Texans @ Patriots: Prediction: Patriots 34-10

Tom Brady 8600… Need I say more? Brock Osweiler has played well his last few games and I do think he could put up a decent amount of points this week.. Just not enough to consider playing in any of my lineups. Too many other options available at QB to even consider him.

The RB's in this game are interesting. Blount @ 7300 is the strongest play in this game at this position. Lamar Miller @ 7000 might be a sneaky good play as long as the Texans stay in the game. Just not sure they stay in it long enough for Miller to be worth playing. Dion Lewis 5400 is worth a flyer if you're struggling with cap space.

WR’s are a bit tricky here. DeAndre Hopkins has been a little banged up his price is extremely reasonable at 7100. I just don't feel comfortable starting him. Julian Edelman at 7000 is a nice play especially coupled with Brady. Malcolm Mitchell is a little banged up and I just don't trust him in this game if he winds up playing. Chris Hogan 5200 is a decent play and might be worth 10 to 12 points. The sleeper in this game is Michael Floyd. I could see the patriots feeding Floyd. Belichick always likes to show how smart he is. Floyd is a real good way to do that in this game.

It's no secret TE’s are a week position. We actually have two in this game who could be playable. Martellus Bennett 5900 is a great play and a great value. CJ Fiedorowicz is the sneaky play. At 5200 I don't think he lights it up but I could see him making an impact.

Green Bay @ Dallas: Prediction: Dallas 27-20

What can I say about the QB’s in this game? You have the veteran Aaron Rodgers, playing lights out the last seven weeks. And you have the young rookie Dak Prescott who has had a tremendous rookie year but has no playoff experience. Rogers at 8800 is a strong play, mostly because he is Aaron Rodgers. It's always wise to get one of the best players in the game in your lineup. Win or lose Rogers will put up points. Prescott on the other hand is a bit of a risky play at 7700. I will be curious to see if the bye week helped or hurt him. And let's not forget he really didn't play in week 17 either. Could that mean he comes into this game a little rusty… The unknown scares me so I will shy away from Prescott in most of my lineups.

At the RB position I think there's only one playing this game of value. It's Eziekel Elliot. 8500 for Elliot is an absolute bargain. I expect that the Cowboys will win this game and Elliott will be the reason why. Ty Montgomery 6000 really doesn't interest me at all. The Bloom has come off the rose a little bit for him at the running back position. He is still Green Bay's top option there but I really don't like him as a play this week. Not even a little.

At WR the big news is Jordy Nelson is out. Green Bay will rely on Devonta Adams 7400, Randall Cobb 6500 and Geronimo Allison 5300 to pick up the slack. One of these three should have a monster game. My bet is on Cobb. He has been with Rogers the longest and at the end of the day is the most talented of this group. I look at Alison 5300 as more of a sleeper who can put up 10 to 15 as a ceiling. For the Cowboys, Dez Bryant 7600 is a great play and a great value. Dez will no doubt be featured as the Cowboys number one WR and play a big role in this game. Don't sleep on Cole Beasley 6100. A little more than I'd like to pay for Cole Beasley but his value is attached to his quarterback. Beasley is Prescott’s safety net and that should net him some opportunity. Brice Butler 4900 might be worth getting into a lineup or two but I think he's a stretch to have a big game or major impact.

Tight ends in this game are both decent plays and hidden value. Start with Jared Cook 5400. In a week where the TE’s available are limited, Cook becomes a good play. Rogers does have a rapport with Cook and because of that I will be sure to get him active. The crafty veteran Jason Witten @ 4900 is a strong play. He will be Dak’s second option in goaline situations. That could net 10 to 15 points out of Witten which is very good for this position.

Steelers @ Chiefs (Now in primetime) Prediction: Chiefs 23-20

Start with the quarterbacks. Ben Roethlisberger 8100 is a nice play but not one I am overly excited about. I think the Chiefs defense is solid and I think Big Ben could turn the ball over a few times to them in this game win or lose. Alex Smith 6800 might prove to be the sleeper quarterback of the weekend. Smith protects the ball well and does not take too many risks. I could see him playing to 15 to 20 points. I just don't think he will light it up.

At RB it's hard to not like Bell. 9900 is a steep price to pay. But as I say almost every week.. it is worth it. Anytime Bell is on the field is a time I will find him in my lineups. He is a must start. Spencer Ware is a player to watch this week at 6900. If Kansas City is going to have success I think they will need a big game from him. At 6900 he will find his way into my lineups a few times.

Antonio Brown 8800 leads the way for wide receivers in this game. Similar to Bell, Brown is expensive and worth it. I will definitely use him this week. Tyrek Hill is the other option at wide receiver I like in this game. He is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. I can see Andy Reid getting creative with Hill, especially with an extra week to prepare. Jeremy Macklin 5500 doesn't excite me. Eli Rogers 5000 is in the sleeper category. He will be big Ben's second option after Brown. If the Steelers are having a big day I can see Rogers playing a big role.

Travis Kelce 7100 is by far the best tight end available this week. 7100 is more than fair for him. However it is hard to get him in a lot of lineups and still use top players at RB and WR. Get creative and use Kelce as often as you can. Jesse James looks to be the only option at TE for Pittsburgh. Valued @ 4500 he goes in the sleeper category. I don't think he'll put up monster numbers by any means. But he could be on 8 to 10 Point Guy. I just don't see that as being enough at the TE position.

Sample Lineup:

QB: Tom Brady @ 8600

RB: Ezekiel Elliott @ 8500

RB: Spencer Ware @ 6900

WR: Julio Jones @ 8300

WR: Michael Floyd @ 4600

WR: Cole Beasley @ 6100

TE: Travis Kelce @ 7100

K: Dan Bailey @ 4800

D: Patriots @ 5100

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