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John Hazelet's Daily Fantasy: Wildcard Weekend

Wildcard Weekend

Game 1: Raiders @ Texans

The QBs in this game or pretty tough to consider in most cases and with other quality quarterbacks available in other games, I won't spend a lot of time on Brock Osweiler or Connor cook. What I will tell you is at 6100 Connor Cook is a bit of an unknown. Sometimes in daily fantasy the unknown can be a big payoff. I will be sure to get Cook in a lineup or two just in case…

The RB's in this game do bring me some interest. Lamar Miller at 7100 coming off of his injury really doesn't excite me. But Latavius Murray at 6700 I feel could be a very underrated play. The Raiders are sure to run the ball a little more than normal. I will be sure to have Murray in a few lineups. DeAndre Washington might be a decent play and a good fill in at 4500. My thought process is that he should see 10 to 12 touches and put up somewhere around 10 to 12 points. He is sure to be seldom used by a lot of players and that is a good thing.

There are some big names at the WR position starting with DeAndre Hopkins 7400. I would like Hopkins more if Savage was the starting quarterback this week. He's a big player in this is a big game he's definitely worth having in a few lineups but I won't go crazy using them all over the place. Amari Cooper at 6500 I have a little bit of interest in. Cooper started of the season hot and faded towards the end when it comes to fantasy numbers but with the rookie quarterback making his first ever start in a playoff game, I think he's going to have to focus on both Cooper 6500 and Crabtree at 6000. That makes both of these guys an interesting play. The only other player of real note at this position in this game is Will Fuller. Early on Fuller was being talked about as a breakout rookie. He kind of fell off in the stat department due to injury. I like his value at 5000 I just don't love his QB.

At the TE position the only player in this game that might interest me is CJ Fiedorowicz. He seems to be Brock's favorite target. The tight end position is really weak in daily fantasy this week and CJ at 5300 is one of the few plays you can even make at this position.

Game two brings us Detroit@ Seattle

Both quarterbacks in this game are interesting. Russell Wilson at 7700 is a play I really like. He will be the Seahawks best player on the field and I like big players in big games. Wilson will definitely be featured in us a few of my lineups. Matthew Stafford is also somebody I like this week at 7200. The Seahawks playing without Earl Thomas makes their secondary a little vulnerable. I think Stafford can take advantage.

At RB Thomas Rawls at 7100 is a pretty decent play. I look for him to get some touches and touches equal opportunity. Zack Zenner @ 6200 for Detroit is an interesting start. I will not have him in a ton of lineups at this value but with so few games to choose from he will certainly be in some of my lineups.

There are a lot of nice plays at wide receiver. Starting with Doug Baldwin 6900, Baldwin is Wilson's favorite target and I think he puts up decent numbers. I will also work Jermaine Kearse at 4900 and Paul Richardson at 4700 into a few lineups. I think both could be decent sleepers this week.

I like the value with some of the Lions wide receivers. Specifically Golden Tate at 6100 and Marvin Jones at 5500. I will focus on Tate, he has come on strong as of late and with the Seahawks missing Thomas, I think Tate can put up some numbers.

At TE Jimmy Graham will be the most popular play of the weekend. At 6600 he is the most expensive at this position. Eric Ebron has had himself a pretty nice season but he does not get in the end zone enough for me. He won't find himself in any of my lineups.

Game 3 Miami @ Pittsburgh.

At QB Ben Roethlisberger is one of my favorite players of the weekend. At 8500 I think he can put up some big numbers in this game. Matt Moore at 6900 may actually put up some points but I think they will mostly be in garbage time as I expect the Steelers to win this game big.

The Running Backs in this game are very intriguing. LeVeon Bell at 10,300 is the most expensive play of the weekend and for good reason. I expect Bell to be worth every penny. For Miami, Jay Ajayi had a Monster game in week six against the Steelers rushing for 204 yards and two touchdowns. I don't think he will even get half of those numbers this week. I expect Miami to be playing from behind. That does not bode well for Ajayi.

There is no shortage of wide receivers who are playable in this game. Start with Antonio Brown 9100, He should see a large amount of targets. I think Jarvis Landry at 6400 is a strong play. As I have stated I expect the Dolphins to be playing from behind. When it comes to Parker at 6400 and Stills at 5000, I would consider sliding both into a lineup if I needed to fill a wide receiver spot and the salaries matched up to my needs. Eli Rogers at 5000 could be a very strong play. I like the value and I think you should see a good amount of targets. He could be one of the players to put you over the top if he has a big game.

TE's are so few and far between I would consider using Ladarius Green at 5900 if healthy. A nice sleeper here is Jesse James at 4500 if Green is held out with his concussion.

Game 4 Giants @Packers.

Arron Rodgers might be the hottest player in the entire playoffs. His salary of 8600 is sure to rise to 9000 or more if the Packers survive this week. Clearly I suggest getting him involved in a few of your lineups at 8600. The matchup against the Giants is not an easy one but I will give Rodgers the benefit of the doubt. Eli Manning at 7500 could quite possibly be the difference maker at QB. His salary is lower than the other three quarterbacks playing this weekend who also have Super Bowl rings. If Eli is "playoff Eli" you will be loving this play. However I just don't see the Giants competing with the Packers. With Eli…proceed with caution.

Running back is potentially an ugly position in this game. I know Ty Montgomery is averaging 6 yards per carry but I don't see him getting many touches against one of the best run defenses in football. He may actually be used more in this game as a receiver out of the backfield. Valued at 6800 I think he is actually pretty expensive in this game. Paul Perkins on the other hand at 5900 has some potential to be a decent play. I think the Giants will look to establish the run and I think Perkins is their best option in the backfield. My only fear is if the Packers somehow pull ahead early. Rashad Jennings at 5400 might get some goal line touches and close to half of the Giants work load out of the backfield. Not my favorite play of the week, that’s for sure.

Unlike the RB's in this game, the WR's are plentiful. Odell Beckham at 8900 and Jordy Nelson at 8500 are both monsters. Get them in as many lineups as you can fit them. Devante Adams 7000 is a really nice play. The Giants will most likely try to take away Nelson. If that happens, Adams is a sure thing to be Arron Rodgers next favorite target. Even Geronimo Allison is worth sliding into a lineup or two. At 5200 I can see him being one of those guys that can put you over the top if he puts up decent numbers. By decent numbers I'm thinking 6/75 and TD. Sterling Shepard at 5100 is very similar, I will have him active in a handful of lineups as well.

The tight ends here are extremely slim pickings. If I had to pick one of these guys it would be Jared Cook at 5200. I have always liked his talent I just wish his production matched it.

Sample Lineups

QB: Ben Roethlisberger 8500 ​​​QB: Aaron Rodgers 8600

RB: Le'Veon Bell 10300​​​​RB: Le'Veon Bell 10300

RB: Paul Perkins 5900 ​​​​RB: Latavius Murray 6700

WR: Antonio Brown 9100​​​WR: Jordy Nelson 8500

WR: Doug Baldwin 6900​​​​WR: Anquan Boldin 4800

WR: Sterling Shepard 5100​​​WR: Eli Rogers 5000

TE: Jesse James 4500​​​​TE: Jimmy Graham 6600

K: Nick Novak 4500​​​​K: Steven Hauschka 4700

D: Seahawks 5100​​​​​D: Steelers 4700

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