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Playoffs? You Want to Talk About Playoffs?

There is one of two ways to look at this years NFL Playoffs from the perspective of a Jets or Eagles fans. Option 1: We can all be bummed that our respective teams aren't in the playoffs and not enjoy the games. Option 2: Be pumped for some stress free playoff football!

I personally like option 2, and while Wild Card weekend isn't filled with the toughest of match-ups, I do believe we should have a good weekend of football. And even though our beloved Jets and Eagles aren't in the playoffs, we here at Interstate of Green are going to give you a quick game by game breakdown.

Oakland @ Houston (-3.5) - The Houston Texans are only 3.5 points favorites in this home playoff game against the Oakland Raiders. I get why the Texans are favored to win, but the Raiders are starting a rookie in his first game ever in the playoffs. The last time we saw Connor Cook play football as a starting quarterback it was him taking a beating from Alabama. I think the Texans are good enough to take care of business against this rookie especially at home

Detroit (+8) @ Seattle - Yes the Detroit Lions backed into the playoffs losing 3 straight before Wild Card weekend. But Seattle isn't exactly on a roll losing 3 of their last 6 games. Meaning that this Seahawks team is streaky. This is my upset alert of the week. I like Matt Stafford a lot and I believe there is a solid team around. The Lions will have to play their best game on the road if they want a shot here. Do they win? I'm not 100% sold, but I think it will be a close game. If I were a betting man as 8 point underdogs I'd put it on the Lions.

Miami @ Pittsburgh (-10) - If Miami were the home team here they'd be my pick to win. But this Big Ben at home with a fully healthy explosive offense. I think the Steelers win and win big. The key is if Miami can slow down Pittsburgh enough so that they can still run the ball with Jay Ajayi. I just don't see that happening

New York @ Green Bay (-4.5) - This is the game of the weekend. Tell me if you've heard this story before. An underdog Giants team heading to Lambeau Field in the playoffs to play a game they shouldn't win. If you're a Giants fan you can't help but think that this team is reminiscent of the '07 version that won a Super Bowl. But... I'm not a Giants Fan. I think the Giants loss to the Eagles showed a lot of flaws with this team. I don't think they can keep up with the hottest qb in football Aaron Rodgers and company. I like Green Bay here to win by a touchdown

Wild Card weekend is upon us and I for one am very excited.

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