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John Hazelet's Daily Fantasy: Week 13


Drew Brees 9300 vs Lions: 23.9 FDP’s per game is enough reason for me to like Brees. In this late stage of his career I think he is playing with the most offensive talent he has ever been surrounded with. He is a must start!

Matthew Stafford 8300 @ Saints: Saints are 27th against the pass and I like the way Stafford can sling it. He is having what might be his best season and has undoubtedly proven that there is life after Megatron.

Russell Wilson 7700 vs Panthers: I was all in on Wilson last week and it came back to bite me in the ass. I would doubt he would have two games that poor in a row. I feel confident enough to roll him out vs the #29 ranked pass defense this week. Time to double down on Wilson.

Kirk Cousins 7500 @ Cardinals: Not the best match up on paper for Cousins vs the 2nd best pass defense in the league but I have really become a believer in Cousins. Outside of Derek Carr, I can make a decent case for Cousins as a potential MVP. I like his weapons and I think he can play to his 20.3 FDP average.

Colin Kaepernick 7800 @ Bears: Let’s address the elephant in the room that nobody feels comfortable talking about... Don’t let the bad hair or him taking a knee fool you, Kaep has been a fantasy stud this year on a team with very little offensive talent. I think he will at least play to his 22.3FDP average.


David Johnson 9200 vs Redskins: Johnson might be the best player in the league. I will continue to put him a ton of lineups every week regardless of opponent.

Jordan Howard 7400 vs 49ers: Howard has been hit and miss all season. I think this week should be a hit. He is playing against the 32nd ranked run defense and the Bears are sure to run the ball.

Melvin Gordon 8000 vs Buccs: Gordon has been trending down the last few weeks but I think he gets back on track this week vs the Buccs. I like the fact that they are playing at home and I like the way he gets used in the red zone.

Theo Riddick 6500 @ Saints: Riddick is a risky start simply because of the way he is used in the Lions offense. I like him this week because of his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. No doubt in my eyes that the Lions will be throwing the ball.


Mike Evans 8500 @ Chargers: Evans has come on strong over the last few weeks and I think that trend continues against the Chargers. Look for Evans to pay to his average of 18.2 FDP’s per game.

Doug Baldwin 6900 vs Panthers: Just like I said earlier about Russell Wilson. I bet big on Baldwin last week and got bit in the ass.. I am going to double down on Baldwin as well. I think he can put up 20+ FDP’s.

Michael Thomas 6900 vs Saints: I have been on the Thomas bandwagon all year and this week is no exception. My only fear is the fact that that Brees can spread the ball around a bit. I mean, Brees can’t get each of the three 10+ targets.. or can he?

Emmanuel Sanders 6400 @ Jags: Sanders finally had a big game last week and I am hoping he and Siemian are finally on the same page. I will take the shot that they are.

Tyreek Hill 5800 @ Falcons: Hill is an absolute game changer and I love the way he is being used. I had him in 2 lineups last week and clearly I wish it was more. Look for the Chiefs to continue to get him the ball.

Malcolm Mitchell 5600 vs Rams: I never feel 100% comfortable playing a Patriot WR because Brady will just play the hot hand regardless. Mitchell comes in as the hot hand putting up 35+ FDP’s in his last 2 games. I will be sure to get him into a few lineups just in case Brady found his new go-to guy.


Jordan Reed 7500 vs Cards: If healthy, Reed is just about a must start every week. Again, the matchup is not great on paper but Reed is an absolute beast.

Vernon Davis 4600 @ Cards: (If no Reed) Davis is a nice alternative if Reed can’t go. He has enjoyed a bit of resurgence this season and has returned to fantasy relevance. If you go with him, temper your expectations a bit. He does not have the same upside as Reed but at 4600, his production will not hurt you.

Tyler Eifert 6800 vs Eagles: It took Eifert the entire first half to get going last week but he ended up with very good numbers from the TE position. I think he should improve on his 11.7 FDP’s from last week.

Eric Ebron 5700 @ Saints: Ebron has been up and down all season. Against the Saints D I think the opportunities will be there for him to put up 12-15FDP’s


Justin Tucker 5000 vs Dolphins: Officially became my favorite kicker of all time this week. On the field, I have always thought he is a top 3 kicker, and he is. I smell up dog..

Stack 1: Drew Brees 9300 with Michael Thomas 6900 vs Lions: Brees has found a favorite in Thomas. One thing you know is Drew will drop back 40-50 times. I think Thomas should see 10-12 targets and that could mean big things for this duo.

Stack 2: Ben Roethlisberger 8300 with Le'Veon Bell 9300 and Antonio Brown 9000 vs Giants. This is a big boy stack and you have to work to fill your other positions but I don’t think you will be disappointed. The Giants D has been playing at a high level, I just don’t think they will be able to contain this trio.

Stack 3: Russell Wilson 7700 with Doug Baldwin 6900 vs Panthers: I know.. I gave you this one last week and it was awful. Do not be afraid to double down on it this week. Both players are relatively cheap and they are coming off the worse offensive output of the season. Throw in the fact that the Panthers are 27th against the pass and this tandem could be a homerun.

Sample Lineup:

QB: Russell Wilson 7700 vs Panthers

RB: David Johnson 9200 vs Redskins

RB: Carlos Hyde 6700 @ Bears

WR: Doug Baldwin 6900 vs Panthers

WR: Michael Thomas 6900 vs Lions

WR: Malcolm Mitchell 5600 vs Rams

TE: Travis Kelce 6300 @ Falcons

K: Justin Tucker 5200 vs Dolphins

D: Broncos 5000 @ Jags

Twitter: @johnhaelet475

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