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John Hazelets's Daily Fantasy: Week 12

Week 12 Sunday


Tom Brady 9100 @ Jets: If he plays, he is a must start any time he plays the Jets. If the Patriots could score 100.. they will. I like him for at least 3 TD’s

Drew Brees 8600 @ Rams: I almost never pick Brees when he is dome-less. I make the exception against the Rams. I simply think that Brees has more weapons than the Rams can cover.

Marcus Mariota 8300 @ Bears: Top 5 status.. You read that right, Mariota has elevated himself to top 5 QB status. What impresses me the most about him is that he has a limited arsenal in the passing game to go along with this status. I like him for 20+ FDP’s this week.. again!

Cam Newton 7800 @ Raiders: The Raiders coming off a Monday night game in the high altitude of Mexico City may be a tad sluggish this week. I like this matchup for Cam. I can see him in the 20+ range.

Russell Wilson 7500 @ Buccs: Finally healthy and putting up 24+ FDP’s in each of last 3 games. This is a trend that I like to continue. Wilson and the Seahawks are peeking at the right time.

Ryan Fitzpatrick 6800 vs Patriots: I think this game could be closer than most think. The Patriots Defense isn’t exactly the 85 Bears. For the Jets to stay close they will have to throw the ball. Fitz is a big risk, big reward play.


David Johnson 9500 @ Falcons: I know 9500 is expensive but this guy is worth it.. plain and simple. I expect he will continue to be the catalyst of the Cardinals offense.

Jay Ajayi 8400 vs 49ers: I am concerned about the health of the Dolphins line but I cant pass on this matchup. I don’t think the 49ers could hold ME to less than 100 yards.

DeMarco Murray 8300 @ Bears: Murray has been a fantasy stud. I think he could have 20 + points this week vs the Bears.

Todd Gurley 7500 vs Saints: Starting a rookie QB the Rams need to run the ball. I know Gurley has not lived up to the hype this year but I think he could have a big game this week.

Rashad Jennings 6600 @ Browns: Jennings had a big week 11 and I think he can at least match last weeks 21 FDP’s. The Giants should be up early in this game giving them a need to run the ball late. I like Jennings to have the majority of the carries and a lions share of the FDP’s.


Odell Beckham 9000 @ Browns: I look for OBJ to have a big game. Offensively the Giants should be able to score at will vs a weak Browns team.

Kelvin Benjamin 7000 @ Raiders: I love this play this week. Ditto what I said earlier under Cam. Benjamin along with Olsen should see the majority of Cam’s targets.

Doug Baldwin 6800 @ Buccs: Start of the week! I love the way the Seahawks have been playing and Wilson & Baldwin have been beyond good the last few weeks.

Julian Edelman 6400 @ Jets: He is a Jets killer. 19 FDP’s last week. He should be able to put up similar numbers vs his hated rival.

Rishard Matthews 6200 @ Bears: Mathews has quietly had a very nice season as he has become Mariota’s number 1 target. He should play Batman to Mariota’s Robin again this week. He is a strong start at this value.

Tyler Boyd 5600 @ Ravens: No risk it no biscuit! Risky start but should see a healthy increase in targets with AJ Green being out.


Greg Olsen 7000 @ Raiders: The best TE starting this week and a great matchup. Olsen should see 20+ FDP’s

Tyler Eifert 6400 @ Ravens: Healthy and probably the number 1 target for the Bengals due to the AJ Green injury. Eifert sees his fair share of targets on a regular basis, this should increase while Green is out.

Martellus Bennett 5500 @ Jets: Any TE starting against the Jets is a good start. This is no exception. The Jets just cant cover the TE.


Greg Zuerlein 4600 @ Saints, Matt Bryant 5100 vs Cards, Brandon McManus 4600 vs Chiefs


Denver Broncos 4900 vs Chiefs, New York Giants 4800 @ Browns, Tennessee Titans 4500 @ Bears

Stack 1: Russell Wilson 7500 with Doug Baldwin 6800 @ Buccs: Now that Wilson is 100% healthy, he and Baldwin have emerged as must start fantasy players across the board. I think there will be a fair amount of points put up in this game and these two should be the catalyst.

Stack 2: Eli Manning 7800 with Rashard Jennings 6600, Odell Beckham 9000 and the Giants D 4800: I usually don’t like playing a large stack when the team is on the road but I will make an exception being it’s the Browns.

Stack 3: Marcus Mariota 8300 with DeMarco Murray 8300 and Rishard Mathews 6200 @ Bears: Mariota has yet to throw an INT in the Red Zone in his career. Part of that reason is the 2 guys I stacked him with. I think the Titans will spend a lot of time in the Red Zone in this game and that should equal a good amount of points.

Sample lineup:

Russell Wilson 7500 @ Buccs

David Johnson 9500 @ Falcons

DeMarco Murray 8300 @ Bears

Doug Baldwin 6800 @ Buccs

Tyler Boyd 5600 @ Ravens

Rishard Mathews 6200 @ Bears

Greg Olsen 7000 @ Raiders

Greg Zuerlein 4600 @ Saints

Titans 4500 @ Bears

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