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  • Kevin Lidlow

After a Promising Start, Petty Deserves Another Shot

Same week, same results, but different quarterback, that has been the story all season and it continues after yet another Jets loss on Sunday. This time it was against a team that shares the same quarterback problem and a struggling offense that is the Los Angeles Rams. This game was by far the worst offensive showcase we have all seen in years. The final score of that game was 9 to 6 Rams winning it. The best play was a 78 yard punt by Johnny Hekker, and that was probably the only highlight worth watching. However, the crowd didn’t seem to mind it at all, there was no booing from the fans because it was like a kid on Christmas morning seeing all the toys underneath the tree. That is because Jets fans got their wish as they saw quarterback Bryce Petty making his first debut as the starting quarterback and you know what he wasn’t that bad.

The Jets (3-7) have nothing to lose at this point as they will probably be at home watching other teams fighting for a championship, but hey at least they can all watch it as a team. So it’s clear that Bryce Petty should be the starter for the rest of the season. Now his starting debut was nothing special but he did show a lot of promise. He provided an early spark, scoring on a 99-yard drive with a 4 yard touchdown pass on a hook and lateral play, however he blew two chances in the final six minutes to pull out a win. Then with the final two minutes left in the game, he threw a bad interception at midfield to Rams linebacker Alec Ogletree.

Petty finished 19 for 32 with 163 yards, presiding over an offense that punted eight times in 11 possessions, which you’re not going to win any games with that performance, another reason why the Jets got flexed out of a primetime game against the Patriots. Petty held the ball too long at times, missed a wide-open Robby Anderson for what could have been a 68 yard touchdown and failed to recognize the soft spots in the Rams’ Cover 2 scheme. That led to Chan Gailey putting him on a short leash and not opening the playbook for Petty. But hey it was his first game! Cut the man some slack.

He didn’t benefit at all of a full practice week, as he split the first team reps with sore-kneed Fitzpatrick. Petty deserves a second chance especially with full reps at practice, let him work on chemistry with the receivers and have him clean up a few things. He can possibly be a great quarterback, just stop being stubborn Bowles and start Petty!!!! I’m losing hair continuing to talk about this because it has been a frustrating season!!!!

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