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Brandon's Best Bets: Week 11

After last week, we are 8-13 on the year. We’ve been trending upward and are almost back to

.500. Let’s take a look at what this week has to offer.

Dallas Cowboys (-7 ½) vs. Baltimore Ravens:

We’ve been feasting off the Cowboys in recent weeks as their brutal running game allows them to rack up points even when ahead. Easily defeating the spread and allowing us not to worry about comebacks. The Ravens defense is slow, but good at stopping the run. I still believe Ezekiel Elliott will hit at least one long run that the Ravens will struggle to recover from.

Tennessee Titans (+3) at Indianapolis Colts:

The Titans have a brutal run game and the hottest QB in football right now. The Colts meanwhile still can’t stop the run and have struggled for years against physical opponents. Andrew Luck will keep the Colts in this one but I’ll take the free field goal and DeMarco Murray.

Kansas City Chiefs (-7) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Seven points is a lot to swallow when you’re talking Alex Smith and the conservative Chiefs offense. We are basically banking on Justin Houston and Dee Ford forcing the interception-prone Jameis Winston into turnovers.

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