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Brandon's Bets - Week 10

We finally had a good week boys thanks to the Cowboys and Bills, going 2-1 to put us at 7-11 for the year. We’re going to repeat this week and aim to get back to .500.

Dallas Cowboys (+2) at Pittsburgh Steelers

The “Boys” line is mauling and Elliot is one of the most complete backs since the greatest player to ever grace the field, LLLLLT, seriously if Elliot ever wanted to stop being a RB he could just take over at tackle his blocking skills are so impressive. There’s a chance Big Ben finally got a chance to get healthy but I’m not counting on them to play a complete game against a competent opponent.

Chicago Bears (-2 ½) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jay Cutler looks back to being Jay Cutler. Which means looking impressive against weak opponents and committing turnovers against good ones. The Bucs are not a good opponent. Jameis’s accuracy has gotten worse since he’s been a pro instead of better and he’s been stacking up most of his stats in garbage time. The Bucs defense is non-existent aside from McCoy and Cutler should have his way with it.

Atlanta Falcons (-2) at Philadelphia Eagles

As impressive as Carson Wentz has looked, the personnel around him has forced him to play a dink and dunk style of offense that will struggle to keep up with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones if the Eagles defense doesn’t maul that O-Line. The Eagles are close to being a super bowl threat but they desperately need an x-receiver and a RB who weighs over 200 lbs.

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