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John Hazelet's Daily Fantasy: Week 7

Week 7

Keep all of these plays in mind when you go to to place your bets for this week.

QB Value Plays

Alex Smith 7200 vs Saints is my top value play this week. Saints D allows a ton of points through the air and I really like the value with Smith in this matchup. Throw in the fact the game is at Aarowhead and I think this is a no brainer.

Kirk Cousins 7300 @ Lions: Case Keenum put up 30+ @ Lions last week with an offense with very little talent. Cousins comes in with a team full of offensive talent. I think his value at 7300 is very good. He would be my play of the week if I was sure Reed was playing. I like him with or without but he becomes my favorite value at QB if Reed is active.

Philip Rivers 7800 @ Falcons: Let’s all take a minute to appreciate the numbers Rivers puts up on a consistent basis with the amount of offensive players the Chargers have on IR.. I like his matchup this week @ Atlanta. I am not yet a believer in the Falcons this year mainly because of their Defense. Rivers should put up 20 points this week in a game that could be a shootout.

Andy Dalton 8100 vs Browns, Marcus Mariota 7900 vs Colts, Jameis Winston 7500 @ 49ers

RB Value Plays

Devonta Freeman 7500 vs Chargers: The Chargers still struggle to stop the run and I think Freeman is due for a big game. I actually like Coleman this week also against this defense.

Terrance West 6900 @ Jets: Hard not to like any RB against the Jets this season. West is 4th in the league in rushing yards since taking over as the starter. I think he could put up 100 yards and a td this week.

Matt Forte 6700 vs Ravens: Yes I know he has been dreadful outside of week 2 but with Geno Smith now under center (don’t get me started) I think the Jets will really look to get their ground game going again.

LeGarrette Blount 7100 @ Steelers, Tevin Coleman 6200 vs Chargers, James White 6100 @ Steelers, Jacquizz Rodgers 5600 @ 49’ers, Mike Davis 4500 vs Buccs.

WR Value plays

Mike Evans 8000 @ 49ers leads my value picks for week 7. At 8000 he isn’t the cheapest pick but I think with V. Jackson out Evans should see a large increase in targets against an awful defense.

Adam Thielen 5400 @ Eagles: Thielen has basically been the Vikings WR1 this season. He has put up a nice amount of points his last 2 weeks and I think that he continues to build on his rapport with Bradford.

Jeremy Maclin 6800 @ Saints: I love this value against the Saints D. Maclin can put up numbers against good defenses. The Saints D is not good.

Mike Wallace 6900 @ Jets, Jamison Crowder 6200 @ Lions, Allen Hurns 6000 vs Raiders, Justin Hunter 4900 @ Dolphins

TE Value Plays

Jordan Reed 7300 @ Lions: If Healthy and under 8000 he will always be my favorite start at TE. Keep an eye on him late in the week If healthy, he is a start.. If not, keep an eye on WR Jamison Crowder, his value goes way up without Reed.

Delanie Walker 6500 @ Colts: I love this matchup vs the Colts D. If you read my article or listen to our show you know that I always pick against the Colts D. Walker is a top 5 TE in the league, Colts are a bottom 5 D in the league.

Hunter Henry 5800 @ Falcons: Might be my favorite play of the entire week, Henry is emerging as a top TE and Rivers loves this guy.. 5800?? Yes please!

Travis Kelce 6300 vs Saints, Dennis Pitta 5300 @ Jets

K Value Plays

Adam Vinatieri 4900 @ Titans: When you find a kicker that averages 13 Fanduel points per game he becomes an automatic start. Keep in mind, 13 ppg is more than ¾ of the active WR’s. Monster number for a kicker.

Matt Bryant 4700 vs Chargers, Mike Nugent 4600 vs Browns, Josh Lambo 4600 @ Falcons

D Value Plays

Vikings 4900 @ Eagles Similar to Vinatieri, 16.6 Fanduel points per game is a huge number for a defense. Find a way to get them in your lineup. I have been riding the Vikings D since week 1, I am not stopping now.

Bills 4700 @ Dolphins, Patriots 4400 @ Steelers

Stacks I like..

Brady 9100 with James White 6100, Gronk 8500 and Patriots D 4400.. Brady is back in full form and he has been feeding 2 players specifically. Gronk and White. Team them up this week and add the Patriots under valued defense against a backup QB. I think the Steelers will be able to run the ball early but I think their run game goes in the garbage once the Patriots have a comfortable lead. This stack still leaves you almost 6400 per player to fill the roster.

Here is a big boy stack that will make you work a little harder to fill your roster.. Matt Ryan 8700 with Tevin Coleman 6200 and Julio Jones 9200. Playing at home vs the Chargers I like the Jones, Ryan tandem to put up some good points this week. Add Coleman to the mix for close to 15 total touches and I think you have some good points here.. If I want to get freaky you can even sub out Coleman for Freeman @7400 but you will work a little harder to fill your roster.

For my last stack I will give you Andy Dalton 8100 with AJ Green 8500 and Mike Nugent 4600. The Ginger Express should put up some points against the 26th ranked pass defense. I look for him to hit the big man AJ Green early and often. I would even feel safe adding Jeremy Hill or the Bengals D to this stack.

Sample lineup

I am going to give you a sample lineup using a different type of stack. I call it the double down stack. I take 1 game that I think could be high scoring and use at least 2 players from each team.. In this case I am going to take the Chargers at Falcons game..

QB: Phillip Rivers 7800 (Chargers)

RB: Tevin Coleman 6200 (Falcons)

RB: Gio Bernard 6300 (Bengals)

WR: Julio Jones 9200 (Falcons)

WR: Alen Robinson 8400 (Jaguars)

WR: DeSean Jackson 6500 (Redskins)

TE: Hunter Henry 5800 (Chargers)

K: Matt Bryant 4700 (Falcons)

D: Vikings 4900

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