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John Hazelet Daily Fantasy: Week 4

Ok, so week 3 was better than week 2 if you followed my advice. Hopefully you had a few of my value plays in some of your lineups as most of the players I suggested scored pretty good points including David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliot, Tannehill and Landry. My stacks on the other hand were below average. The Cardinal and the Charger stack fizzled a little but you were loving me with Tannehill and Landry for 40+ points. .

When it comes to this week, I want you to focus on value picks. Keep this in mind, last week the Fanduel perfect lineup did not feature 1 player who was valued over $7000. That is completely insane. That lineup scored 248 points and left you with a salary cap of $7000 unspent! It just goes to show you, there are hidden gems at each position. Let me help you get started for this week.

QB value plays

Play of the week: Joe Flacco $7700 vs Raiders. This is a bold pick but let’s face it, the Raiders D has given up a ton of points and they have had trouble defending the pass. Flacco is a strong play. Look for him to take several shots deep and hit on at least a few.

Brock Osweiler $7300 vs Titans: To say Brock struggled with the Patriots last week is an understatement. Look for him to rebound big this week. Consider stacking him with some of his weapons.

Trevor Siemian $7400 @ Buccs: Oh the pain!! The pain of giving this guy as one of my top value picks and using him in a stack with Sanders one week early. If you used that same stack last week you found yourself with the top scoring QB and a top 2 WR on Fanduel in week 3. I told you last week, Siemian would remain a consideration as a value pick but the risk was waiting for the week the Broncos let him sling it. From my lips to Gary Kubiaks ears I guess...

Other plays to consider:

Cousins $7600 vs Browns, Rivers $8500 vs Saints

RB Value Plays:

Play of the week: Melvin Gordon $7600 vs Saints: Gordon should have put up big numbers against the Colts last week... but didn’t. Look for him to rebound this week against what could be the worse defense in the league.

Latavius Murray $7100 @ Ravens: I have a rule, when a heavily used RB1 is available for $7100 pick him. The Ravens D has been sketchy against the run this year and Murray should see a pretty heavy load.

Todd Gurley $7700 @ Cardinals: I expect the Cardinals D to play a little better this week but I like what I saw out of Gurley last week, finally. Hopefully he has awakened for the season. At $7700 I think his value is very good.

Jordan Howard $5600 vs Lions: With the injury to Langford, Howard should see the majority of the touches for the Bears against a Defense that is questionable at best. I like the risk reward at $5600 but I won’t have him on an abundance of lineups... just in case.

Other plays to consider:

Elliott $8100 @49ers, Washington $4500 @ Bears, Blount $7500 vs Bills, Forte $6900 vs Seahawks

WR Value Plays

Play of the week: Will Fuller $6700 vs Titans: Will had a tough week on national T.V. as he had at least 2 big drops that I can remember. I see the Texans bouncing back big overall and I think Fuller at this price is an absolute steal.

Terrelle Pryor $7000 @ Redskins: Shame on me for not giving you him last week. I had him on a few of my lineups and he really paid off scoring over 27 points and being the 3rd best WR play of week 3. I really like what I have seen from him, especially last week. Look for the Browns to get the ball in his hands as often as possible because let’s face it; he might be their best player on offense.

Marvin Jones $7600 @ Bears: Introducing last week’s #1 WR on Fanduel. Very surprised his cost is only $7600 against the Bears D. This might be the last week he is so cheap so it may be a good idea to take advantage. I sure will!

Other plays to consider:

Enunwa $5600 vs Seahawks, Cooper $7600 @ Ravens, Wallace $6700 vs Raiders, Jackson $6900 vs Browns, Benjamin $7700 @ Falcons, Sanders $6900 @ Buccs, Benjamin $7600 vs Saints, Bryant $7800 vs 49ers

TE Value Plays:

Play of the week: Greg Olsen $7900 @ Falcons: The Falcons give up more points to TE’s than any other team dating back to last season. That trend continues with Olsen, the top priced TE this week.

Rob Gronkowski $7400 vs Bills: Risky as hell coming off the injury and his pitch count last week but I look at it this way. He was healthy enough to play 10 days ago; this week should be the week he is targeted often. If not, it will certainly be next week. I would rather be a week early playing him than a week late!

Jimmy Graham $6400 @ Jets: You remember this guy right? He finally saw some targets and it paid off well if you started him. I ONLY play him if Wilson is at QB. The Jets were embarrassed by Kelce last week and I think they showed some weakness covering the TE. Look for Seattle to take advantage. If I am them, I keep throwing at Graham until the Jets prove they can stop him.

Other plays to consider:

Kelce $6500 @ Steelers, Fleener $5400 @ Chargers, Brate $5300 vs Broncos, Pitta $5400 vs Raiders, Miller $5000 vs Lions

Kicker Value Plays:

Dan Bailey $4600 @ 49ers, Dustin Hopkins $4500 vs Browns, Nick Novak $4500 vs Titans

Defense Value Plays:

Jets $4400 vs Seahawks, Patriots $4500 vs Bills, Texans $4900 vs Titans

Stacks to consider:

Stack 1

Ben Roethlisberger $8400 with Le'Veon Bell $8300 and Antonio Brown $9400 vs Chiefs: There is nothing I like more in fantasy football then a big game QB coming off of a bad game at home. Add the fact that Bell is returning and it’s a prime time game and you have yourself a big time stack.

Filling your team: Now, this stack is a big boy stack.. These are big prices on this stack leaving you only with $33,900 (or $5650 per player) to fill your roster. Take this advice.. Pick your Kicker, Defense and TE first before you fill in your other open spots. Think value!! I promise you can still put together a good team that finishes in the money.

Stack 2

Cam Newton $9300 with Kelvin Benjamin $7700 and Greg Olsen $7900: The Falcons Defense has been subpar and I think that continues. The Panthers found out last week what happens when you don’t get Benjamin the ball.. You lose! I think he will have double digit targets this week in a game that could very well be a track meet.

Filling your team: Here is another high dollar stack. This one leaves you with $35,100 (or $5850 per player) left to fill. Use the same formula I gave you in the last one. Kicker, Defense first and fill in the blanks. Once again, think value!!

Stack 3

Philip Rivers $8500 with Melvin Gordon $7600 and Travis Benjamin $6600: Yes, I gave you Rivers and Benjamin in a stack last week and it wasn’t great but it’s time to double down! Stick with it this week and ass Gordon, you won’t be sorry. Chargers at home vs the Saints defense could produce big points.

Filling your team: Ok, this one has a little more dollar value when it comes to filling your team, $37,300 (or a little over $6200 per player). Let’s say you use Patriots D @ $4500, Dan Bailey $4600 and Coby Fleener $5400. You are left with $22,800 or a very healthy $7600 per player for the 3 spots left.

Sample Lineup using the Steelers Stack: Salary Cap $60,000

QB: Ben Roethlisberger $8400

RB: Le'Veon Bell $8300

RB: Tevin Coleman $6100 or Jordan Howard $5600

WR: Antonio Brown $9400

WR: Will Fuller $6700

WR: Travis Benjamin $6600 or Michael Crabtree $6500

TE: Cameron Brate $5300

K: Dan Bailey $4600

D: Patriots $4500 or Jets $4400

Let me leave you with this. Don’t focus on using ALL of your Salary Cap. Focus on getting the players who have a chance to score big regardless of their value. If week 3 taught us anything, it’s that the salary cap can be over rated.

Good luck this week!

Any questions or comments? Twitter handle @JohnHazelet475

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