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  • Julian Aenelle

A Bright Spot After A Bad Loss : Darron Lee

After a horrendous loss Sunday against the Chiefs, the Jets start the season at 1-2. Although we as fans expected better this season, a bright spot on this Jet team is upon us with 1st round draft pick: Darron Lee. When Lee was drafted, some considered him a project with athletic ability and being able to perform limited snaps per game this season. Going into week 4, he is second on the team in defensive snaps with only 140, coming right behind Harris’ 173. So much for limited snaps and a project.

Through these first three games he has shown off his speed and his ability to pursue the ball quickly. He has a knack for being around the ball constantly which is why he leads the team in tackles with 17 and tied for the lead in tackles for a loss with 3. Plays like in week 2 against the Bills, when he spied Tyrod Taylor the Bills QB then when Taylor went to make a move to scramble outside the pocket Lee was right there to stop him from gaining a yard, proves he is worth it. In years past we have struggled with speed against our linebacker position but with Lee developing and flashing his speed, he will only get better. A play in Kansas City with the Cheifs driving, they pitched the ball to their running back Spencer Ware and Lee shoots in the back field before the guard can reach to block him and brings him down for a 5-yard loss. Plays like this are what excites me about this young kid, so much speed and aggression in a linebacker.

With the foot injury Erin Henderson developed, Darron Lee was thrown into the fire rather than slowly developed. He has handled this situation well and has performed well against good offenses. It is hard to stand out on this defense but with all the mishaps the first three weeks it seems to me Darron Lee has stood. Now what would be nice is if the Jets can translate that speed into coverage and have someone like Lee match up against elite tight ends. After what Kelce did to us last week I would like to find an answer quickly because when it is time to play the Patriots we need to be able to cover Gronk and Bennett. But let’s not get greedy, he is still a rookie and what we have seen thus far is a big step in the right direction to form a defense with a ton of speed. After 3 weeks, who knows what kind of career Darron Lee has ahead of him. All Jet fans can relate that what the Jets need is SPEED, and with Darron Lee we will have just that!

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