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  • Stephen Ur

Revis Island is Sunk

New York Jets cornerback Darelle Revis has been beaten by both receivers that he has covered so far this season. Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver AJ Green beat Revis for 180 receiving yards in Week 1. In Week 2 against the Buffalo Bills, he was beaten for a 84-yard touchdown. Things are not looking like they will get any better, either.

In Week 3, the Jets travel to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. If Revis is to cover Jeremy Maclin, he will be in for another challenge. An even bigger challenge will come when the Jets host the Seattle Seahawks. Revis will be exposed big time against Doug Baldwin if he covers him.

The Jets also play the Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens. Revis has shut down. He is not the same cornerback he was.

Not only is Revis showing how overrated he is, but he is also a greedy and selfish person. After winning a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, Revis left to return to the Jets, showing that he just wanted the ring and knew he could get it with the Patriots.

Reports came out that Revis also didn't take Jets offseason activities seriously. That is showing now, as he has been burned the past two games. Revis should be cut by the Jets for not just his poor performance, but his poor cooperation and participation.

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