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  • Craig Gorbunoff

The New York Jets Break Their Losing Streak Against the Bills in a Shootout

At times last night, it seemed like the Jets simply did not want to win. There were times where coaching let down the players and players let down the coaches. However, this game was a lot more dominate for the Jets then the score or the stats would suggest. The Bills outside of two X-Plays, were unable to move the ball effectively. And outside of a rookie mistake fumble from Jalin Marshall, the Jets offense had its way against the defensive mastermind Ryan brothers. At The score suggests that this was a close game with a final of 37-31, but if the Jets tighten up their play, 21 of those points wouldn’t exist.

Starting first with the Goodwin Touchdown, this was an example of coaching letting down the players. Darrelle Revis is in the last few years of his career, and no longer has that top end elite speed. He shouldn’t be left 1-1 with an Olympic quality sprinter. Goodwin is one of the fastest men in the NFL. And while yes Revis deserves some criticism for this, it happens, father time is undefeated. Coach Bowles one flaw in my eyes is he can be stubborn with his gameplan at times, and leave his corners on islands even if they’re outmatched in a particular area. Now in terms of concern for Revis? I don’t think there’s a reason to be. He started training camp late as Brandon Marshall said last night in his post-game interview, and he isn’t quite in football shape yet. He has 10 games until facing Maclin and the Chiefs… give him time he will get better.

The next X-Play touchdown came off of a broken play. Tyrod Taylor faced pressure, Escaped the pocket, and Greg Salas was able to recognize his QB was in trouble and adjusted his route, and was able to out run safety Rontez Miles. I don’t think there’s anyone really at fault here. The defensive line should have kept contain here on the mobile quarterback, but they were pretty much perfect all game, a slip up is bound to happen at some point against a dangerous quarterback.

The last X-play touchdown was off of the Jalin Marshall fumble. This was a situation of players letting down coaches. The team had just given up a touchdown. Fitzpatrick hit baby Marshall on an open slant on a back shoulder throw. Baby Marshall did a rookie mistake of trying to do too much with what was already a good pass and catch. Part of this might be that he is a return man, and those guys are always trying to make a big play. But a skill that he will have to learn is that there is nothing wrong with a 5-yard catch. It moves the sticks and helps the team out.

Those were the things the Jets did wrong, but there was a lot of right. First of all the Arial assault on the Bills secondary. Fitzpatrick threw for 374 yards and a touchdown. Brandon Marshall had over 100 yards, Decker had 126 yards and the touchdown, and the Jets remembered to keep Enunwa involved with 92 yards himself (probably would have gone over 100 if not for a rib injury) On top of that they had Matt Forte running for 100+ and 3 touchdowns. This offense is a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

The Special Teams was good, nothing really to complain about or give too much credit too. The Defense needs work for sure, but outside of 2 X-Plays, they were very good. They controlled the line of scrimmage, and didn’t allow for any consistent ball movement outside of a FG to end the first half.

This game was an important bounce back for a team who suffered a crushing loss at home against the Bengals. Looking forward, the Chiefs could be a very tough matchup, but the Jets do match up well against them. It should be a very interesting game Week 3.

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