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  • Kevin Lidlow

Will Geno Smith be wearing purple for the 2016 Season?

The Minnesota Vikings just lost their starting quarterback for the 2016 season, Teddy Bridgewater tore his knee and they are now left with 36 year old quarterback Shaun Hill to be their starter. So, there is a chance that they will be looking to sign a veteran quarterback to the roster. Well they are just in luck, because the Jets have a overstock of quarterbacks on the team so Vikings come on down and look at what they got.

The Jets are looking to keep four quarterbacks on the team this year- or so they say- but fans and other analysts aren't buying this whole charade. I think the Jets are looking to get rid of one of them, which raises the question: Will they trade Geno Smith to the Vikings? Let's face it, it's obvious that he is the odd man out on this even though right now he's the No. 2 quarterback. But I'm sure they are willing to listen if the Vikings or any other team for that matter show interest. The only problem is that he is the only backup quarterback that had experience.

Geno Smith is viewed by some in this organization that has maxed out his potential, whereas Bryce Petty is seen as the guy who is going nowhere but up. "Smith hasn't played particularly well in limited reps (47 snaps in three games), which has disappointed some because they felt he'd be better in Year 2 in Chan Gailey's system." (Rich Cimini ESPN analyst). It is true that he has been a big disappointment this preseason so it makes perfect sense that he will be traded so we will have to wait and see.

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