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Geno Smith: The Next Two Weeks Are Crucial

A week ago Geno was called the best backup Quarterback in the league by NFL Network’s Charlie Casserly and just after two preseason games it doesn’t look like he is the best backup on the Jets roster after all. The fourth year player and former second round pick has looked nothing more than mediocre at best this preseason and has some serious competition with Hackenberg and Petty on the roster. The Jets have been pretty clear that they do not mind carrying four Quarterbacks on the roster but with Geno playing the way he has, why waste a roster spot on him when they can have more depth at another position needed.

Preseason game number 1 playing the Jags at home, Smith came out the gates shaky; as the game went on he finished strong showing what he could be with a nice back shoulder throw to rookie Charone Peake. There has never been a question about his physical tools he brings to the game. His stat line at the end of that game was 8 for 14, 79 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 fumble. Bryce Petty against the Jaguars wasn’t perfect, but he did just enough to prove he can compete with Geno finishing with 7 of 14, 93 yards and 0 touchdowns. He made some mistakes by not throwing the ball away and taking a bad sack.

Preseason game number 2 Geno’s play declined rather than improved again, he began the game very insecure and really never took off from there. Smith proves to have a hard time getting comfortable throughout the game. He had finished the game going 6 for 13 only passing for 47 yards with a terrible pick, the type of interception we have seen way too often throughout his career. He had a good pocket around him and didn’t step into the throw. Geno shows bad footwork, as well as not seeing the safety baiting him on the throw. Instead, Geno was picked off trying to force it into a spot with 3 defenders around his wideout. His competition Bryce Petty on the other hand had a better game. Compared to last year, this year’s Petty looks more developed than what he used to look like. He finished the game 16 of 26 for 242 yards, 2 touchdowns and an interception. It seems to me that while Petty continues to grow, Geno has remained the same each year.

Before the season, Bowles made it clear Geno was the back up. Sunday, Bowles stated “Right now, they are all playing and we’re trying to see who sorts out what” then stated, “ To be clear, we have a plan on who we’re going to play that we’re not going to reveal”. In camp Geno is losing more and more snaps to Petty by the day. Logically it makes sense to get Petty as much snaps to be fully sure if he is worth keeping. By hearing the way Bowles talks about the backup Quarterback position at each presser it seems to me the spot is more and more open by the week, rather than Geno securing it. In a matter of 1 month, Geno has gone from our “Guy”, to then the best backup in the league, to now fighting for a spot on the roster. Jets are going to have a tough decision coming up after this preseason because they are carrying 4 quarterbacks that won’t benefit this team. It might be best for both parties to part ways and let Geno grow in another franchise because he isn’t growing with the Jets.

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