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Jets Projected 53 Man Roster

QB- Fitzpatrick, Smith, Petty, Hackenberg (4)

Geno Smith is coming closer and closer to losing his backup role. If Petty overtakes Geno, the Jets may only keep 3 quarterbacks.

RB- Forte, Powell, Robinson, Bohanon (4)

This list is self explanatory and has been set in stone for months. The only shakeup could be Julian Howsare overtaking Bohanon.

WR- B Marshall, Decker, Enunwa, Peake, J Marshall, Anderson, Thompkins (7)

When you find young talent you keep young talent. With the return ability of Jalin Marshall, Jeremy Ross is expendable. Chandler Worthy and Kyle Williams have seen little action. Devin Smith is on the PUP and will not count towards the 53. When he returns I expect Thompkins to be cut if the UDFAs are playing well.

TE- Amaro, Sudfeld (2)

Many people have Kellen Davis here instead of Sudfeld. Kellen Davis cannot catch a cold let alone a football. Sudfeld can work on blocking because Amaro is allergic to it.

CB- Revis, Williams, Skrine, Burris, Milliner (5)

The cornerback position for the Jets is set in stone and also a mystery at the same time. Revis, Williams and Skrine are locks. Burris is virtually a lock based on draft position. Milliner makes the team because of guaranteed money. Morris should be the one making the team but there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

S- Pryor, Gilchrist, Miles, Bailey (4)

With the safety position I constantly flip flop between Bailey and Ronald Martin, giving the nod to Bailey in this mock. Middleton had a good chance to make the team but was hampered with injuries and will most likely end up on the practice squad.

LB- Harris, Jenkins, Lee, Mauldin, Henderson, Carter, Stanford, Bishop (8)

The linebacker position for the Jets is stacked compared to last year. Projected starters are Mauldin, Harris, Henderson and Jenkins. Lee should be in the starting lineup by week 3. There is solid depth behind the starters. Stanford, Bishop and Reilly are interchangeable but in this mock I cut Reilly due to the potential of the other two players.

OL- Mangold, Clady, Qvale, Giacomini, Carpenter, Johnson, Winters, Ijalana, Shell (9)

Offensive line is the weakest position for the Jets. It is good to keep a surplus of offensive linemen just to see who can actually play. No notable cuts here besides failed draft picks Dakota Dozier and Jarvis Harrison.

DL- Wilkerson, Williams, McLendon, Catapano, Jenkins, Simon, Thomas (7)

You may be asking yourself where is Sheldon Richardson? Well the short answer is he is suspended the first game and will not count towards the 53 man roster. When Sheldon returns I fully expect Lawrence Thomas to be cut. The DL is solid and set in stone.

K- Folk

Ross Martin has been terrible in preseason and has not threatened Nick Folk’s job in the least

P- Lac Edwards

Best punter the Jets have had in very long time

LS- Purdum

Only long snapper on the roster for a reason, he is good at what he does.

What do you think of the 53 man roster? Let us know on twitter @interstategreen

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