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A Tale of Two Halves: Jets vs. Redskins

The New York Jets traveled to visit the Washington Redskins for their second preseason game. Looking back on the outcome of the game they may have chosen to stay on the bus. There may be 90 men on the current roster but it seems like only 10 came to play.

The game started with an underwhelming defensive performance that was saved only by the play of David Harris and Darrelle Revis. The Redskins did anything they wanted to the Jets defense in the air and on the ground. Colt McCoy looked like Brett Favre for the duration of the game.

The Jets starting offense was very vanilla, possibly by design. All the starters were underwhelming and not one shined. If you had to pick a star out of the starters it would have to be Bilal Powell who played consistently. The Jets went three and out multiple times and did not get a first down (Bilal Powell) until 13:02 in the second quarter. That is not acceptable.

The Jets got very lucky in this game. In retrospect the game should have ended 30-2. The first break the Jets had go their way is an interception in the end zone preventing a touchdown. The second break came when the Redskins went for it on 4th and 1 in the redzone and was stopped by Deon Simon. Then there was the safety…illegal hands to the face in the end zone. As a viewer it was not a blatant call but put the Jets on the board 2-0. After the safety the flood gates for the Redskins opened up.

Consistent Colt McCoy began torching the Jets cornerbacks. McCoy completed victimized Marcus Williams and Juston Burris. Geno Smith had a subpar game and ended with a QB rating of 23.6, lowest of all quarterbacks for either side. Geno looked lost at times and had a line of 6/13 for 47 yards and an interception. The Redskins quickly went up 14-2 and the half ended. You could tell that the players and the coaches could not wait to get the half over with.

Bowles must have had stern words for the team because the 3rd team came out and tried to save the game for the starters. The MVP of the game was shared between Bryce Petty and Robby Anderson. These two players put the game on their back and did everything they could to pull it out. Backups including Deon Simon, Taiwan Jones and Julian Howsare also contributed and had their stock rise in the second half.

Bryce had a fantastic touchdown pass to Zach Sudfeld that threaded the needle making the game 9-14. In the second half Bryce Petty and Anderson were clicking on all cylinders and the Jets somehow took the lead 18-14.

The Jets had a little less than 4 minutes to defend the Redskins and the game would be theirs. Much like in the first quarter the Jets defense was torched when it was needed the most. The Redskins took the lead and the game ended much like it began. Redskins escaped with the victory 22-18. On the scheme of things the score was good for the Jets, could have been much worse.

The game is always made up of three categories: Studs, Promising and Duds. This week there were plenty of Duds to go around but let’s start with Studs. The studs were Petty, Anderson, Revis, Harris and Lac Edwards. The promising players consisted of Deon Simon, Taiwan Jones, Charone Peake, Julian Howsare, Jalin Marshall, Rontez Miles and Sudfeld (minus the fumble). The duds…here we go. Kellen Davis, Jace Amaro, Geno Smith, Marcus Williams, Juston Burris and the 1st and 2nd string offense and defense as a whole.

This game is one that the Jets will want to forget. Luckily the team can redeem themselves in their dress rehearsal against the Giants in a week. Stay tuned to see what team comes to play.

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