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  • Alberto Torres

You down with D-G-B? Yeah you know Philly!

As you already know the Philadelphia Eagles made a pretty significant trade to help bolster their weak WR core by acquiring former titan wide-out Dorial Green-Beckham (DGB) and trading reserve swing tackle Dennis Kelly.

Both in the short term & long term this trade looks to be beneficial more to the Eagles than it does the titans.

The key contributor is Patience. Do the Philadelphia Eagles have patience to help DGB improve and help motivate him to be the top tier player they know he can be? The answer is yes! With his baggage of off the field issues and lack of learning the playbook the Eagles saw something beyond that and know it can be fixed with a Player’s coach in HC Doug Pederson & leaders on and off the field in team mate Jordan Matthews and newly hired Football of Operations Executive Brian Dawkins the supporting cast is there to help DGB along in the process to become a top player for the Eagles for the foreseeable future.

HC Doug Pederson isn’t charting unfamiliar territory by making this move he is all too familiar dealing with these high risk character concerns. As OC of the Kansas City Chiefs under the tutelage of HC Andy Reid they took risks on certain players like CB Marcus Peters & LB Justin Houston but saw beyond their issues and saw the upside they could bring to the Chiefs and it has paid off immensely as both are key contributors to their defense.

So like his predecessor HC Doug Pederson see’s beyond what everyone else points out and see’s that untapped potential that DGB can and hopefully will bring to the Philadelphia Eagles. A change of scenery almost always helps. Misconstrued reports on coming in overweight which were a concern of the titans have been publicized but what hasn’t been publicized or mentioned was how he lost over 10lbs from his ideal weight during his rookie year of 237lbs and he was mentally getting ready to contribute. Some cons have been his lack of grasping the playbook, poor route running abilities, dropping catchable passes, coming to camp overweight.

Personally, I believe the Tennessee Titans didn’t have the patience to help develop him to become the top tier Wide-out they expected him to be. First off, the old regime is out. The same regime that drafted DGB so there really isn’t much ties in DGB to that new regime. Also another main reason they traded him wasn’t so much him not grasping the playbook as much as it being that he wasn’t a “fit” for what they want to do on offense which is run the ball and play to Mariota strengths. For all the criticisms thrown at DGB let us look at the on the field production in just his rookie season. Blame should be passed across the board from the Former HC of the Titans to their weak offensive line to not having a strong running game and changing of the QB not once but three times. Aside from Marcus Mariota DGB had Z. Mettenberger & A. Tanney as his quarterbacks and during that time he amassed 549 receiving yards, 4 TDs, in 32 receptions with all three QB’s at the helm throughout the season.

30 of his 32 receptions were for first downs. Just stop and think His main QB’s were Z. Mettenberger & A. Tanney and most of his yards gained and TD’s were from these two guys. DGB had two 100 yard games in a span of 3 weeks. Week 13 Vs Jacksonville he caught 5 Receptions for 119 yards and 1 TD 23.8 Yards Average. Week 15 against the New England Patriots the then reigning Super bowl champs he caught 6 Receptions 113 yards 18.8 Yards Average. In the amount of games he has played he has shown enough to flash the potential and play making ability that the Philadelphia Eagles have lacked in almost 12 years since Terrell Owens.

Worst case he some how doesnt pan out it won’t affect the Eagles and they don’t lose since they traded away a player who wasn’t in the plans of the Eagles and who on any other day would of been cut. DGB is here to compete and try to help bring the best out of a lackluster receiving core with the obvious help of leader Jordan Matthew, Wideouts coach Greg Lewis & Doug Pederson. Anyone not named Jordan Matthews has been put on notice that there performance albeit in the preseason wasn’t to there liking and that they better get there act together before someone else replaces them. DGB is just 22 years old and a year removed for having solid numbers as a rookie and on to a new team that “fits” his style of play if it all works out and DGB and the Eagles are a match made in heaven you better believe that the Eagles are making a Statement to the NFC EAST and the LEAGUE that they should be taken seriously.

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