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  • Kevin Lidlow

Bryce Petty showing he belongs in Jets QB mix

After a very sluggish start to camp, second year quarterback Bryce Petty gained some momentum with a strong finish on Thursday. It came after an 0 for 6 outing on Wednesday, and a similarly poor start on Thursday. Then things started cooking when Petty perked up and finished with three touchdown passes, capitalizing on Ryan Fitzpatrick's day off, which gave Petty extra reps and he never looked back. He went 5 for 12, including a well-thrown deep ball to Jalin Marshall that went for 80 yards. Head Coach Todd Bowles says, " He made some good throws, he made some mistakes." He also added that Petty's decision-making is improving.

Unfortunately, Petty didn't get the same amount of reps as he did on Thursday because of Fitzpatrick's return but he needed a big day for his confidence. There's no doubt that either Petty or Hackenberg will have a chance to be the future quarterbacks for this organization, it just determines on who is ready to take that role after Fitz. I believe that both of them have the talent and determination to be the next great quarterback, however I think Petty will be more prepared than Hackenberg because he is still trying to get back to his feet after Penn state, so it may take him a couple of years before he will be ready to go. Until then we will just have to be patient and

see what Bryce Petty can do, But I think we could be looking at two decades of great quarterbacks, something the Jets haven't had in a long time.

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