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Can An Former CFL Player Become A Long Awaited Pass Rusher?

The New York Jets have been looking for a pass rush since the day they traded away John Abraham and have been unsuccessful ever since. Whether it was through the draft, Coples, or signing past-prime talent Jason Taylor, the Jets have struggled in this department but could that end with this regime? The Jets are trying to get creative and go elsewhere for a pass rush, which is to go north of the border. This off-season Jets signed Freddie Bishop III a former CFL standout for the Calgary Stampede. Bishop III accumulated 11 sacks for the Stampede last year, which is what Jet fans have been wanting for years. In a pass happy league, teams are looking for a pass rusher every season. As you can see, the Super Bowl Champion Broncos were fortunate to have two extremely good pass rushers and which was a vital reason why they were able to win the Super Bowl.

Both general Manager Mike Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles have a history of ties within the CFL. One of Bowle’s fortunate picks was CFL pass rusher Cameron Wake, who has turned out to be All Pro during his time in the NFL. Now of course people are quick to compare Freddie Bishop to Wake but the Jets organization knows this isn’t a fair comparison. We aren’t expecting Bishop to be Cameron Wake but we are hoping he can contribute to a pass rush along with other young outside linebackers like Mauldin, Catapano and Reily.

Bishop went undrafted out of Western Michigan in 2013 and spent time that spring on the Detroit Lions’ roster before taking his talents to Calgary. For the first year and a half Bishop didn’t get many snaps but when it was his time, he was ready to shine. Often guys need time to develop before they can come to the NFL and the CFL can help them with that. Bishop certainly looks the part standing at 6 foot 3 inches, 255 pounds, with a great build and looks good in a t-shirt and shorts.

In my opinion, Freddie Bishop III will get a shot to make this roster. No one will be expecting double-digit sack numbers this year but in the future it could definitely happen. He has a relentless motor, and seems like your typical blue-collar player that works hard for his stats. He has experience playing inside and outside D-line so he could be a very versatile defensive lineman for the Jets come the near future. Bishop’s defensive coordinator for Calgary mentioned that he is more than a pass rusher and has the ability to drop back in coverage. His speed measurables aren’t great but it is more about play speed which when he is in the game, plays fast. He will be a special team’s contributor for sure but don’t be surprised to see him contribute more as the season unfolds and the staff finds his strengths.

Could this be the end of the New York Jets under achieving pass rush?


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