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Who Will Claim The Throne: The Jets QB Situation

The current buzz around the NFL is who is going to blink first, the New York Jets or Ryan Fitzpatrick. The free agent quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick is looking for a new contract worth the going rate of starting quarterback in this year’s market. Sources say he wants closer to 15 million a year and the Jets seem to be staying firm on their offer which is around 8-10 million a year. Fitzpatrick has threatened to not play this season if the offer doesn’t meet his standards, but let’s not forget Sam Bradford who tried this tactic with the Eagles and ended up caving in. This is interesting considering Fitzpatrick and Bradford have the same agent, Tom Condon. Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to be 34 years old this upcoming season which is a big factor in why he isn’t getting the same offers as the other quarterbacks who signed this offseason. Former Jet linebacker, Bart Scott had his feelings on Ryan Fitzpatrick during an interview on NFL Radio stating:

"you don't get to cash in twice. Fitz don’t have a leg to stand on, man. He is who he is… On another 20 teams in the league, he would be a backup. The only teams that he would start for are the teams that have bad quarterback situations. He’s a bridge guy, a glue guy. OK, he wants $15 [million] because [Brock] Osweiler. But he hasn’t reached his ceiling yet. They’re paying for his potential, what he might be able to become. It’s all downhill right now for Fitz… All these people are tripping about money and respect. Man, come on, man. It’s a lot of people out there that are underpaid and there are a lot of people that are overpaid. ... You don’t get to cash in twice, bro. It’s only 32 jobs. If you don’t take it, somebody will. One thing I know about the NFL is they will turn the page and move on."

I couldn’t agree more with what Scott had to say about this situation. Regarding Fitz cashing in twice, we all remember the 59 million dollar contract the Buffalo Bills gave Fitzpatrick after he had a great season with Gailey in Buffalo. He ended up never living up to that contract. The New York Jets don’t want to make the same mistake Buffalo did and who can blame them. We all buy into stats and chemistry, but with a fairly easy schedule last year the team still wasn’t able to make playoffs. Additionally, Fitzpartick hasn’t touch the field in a playoff game in his career. It will only get harder from here seeing how the Jets will have the 7th hardest schedule in the NFL this year. If he signs for 10 million or less the Jets will end up winning this stare down, if he signs for 12 million or more Fitzpatrick wins.

The current situation for the Jets' quarterback would be Geno Smith’s job to lose. With Hackenberg and Petty as unproven players, they will have to compete for the backup job. Geno Smith is on the books for 1.59 million next year. Todd Bowles has stated they want Fitzpatrick back but have no problem starting Geno this year if they don’t come to an agreement. Many fans do not want to see Smith under center next year. It's funny to me only because last year in camp, people were in a panic when Geno was punched and Fitzpatrick was named the starter. People were scared at the fact a mediocre at best, journeymen quarterback will be starting for the Jets. Now fans want to give Fitzpatrick the keys to the city and a big contract. Geno Smith's career has been a bit of a disappointment ever since drafting him in the 2ndround, but you can’t say he has had the roster and staff he has with this new regime. I wouldn’t mind seeing Geno in this offense. Although I couldn’t see him thriving when he is throwing the ball to Clyde Gates, Stephen Hill and David Nelson. Gailey, Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and Matt Forte make mediocre quarterbacks into pretty decent ones. We can’t forget what Fitzpatrick's career was before he stepped into Florham Park so if it comes down to Geno starting, let’s not jumped to conclusions right away.

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