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Brandon's Bets Week 14

We went 2-1 again last week to put us at 10-7-1 on the year, where if you had been betting 100$ on each game you’d be up around 250$. We correctly predicted the Seahawks beat down and the Falcons letdown but gave the Texans too much credit against the Bills. Let’s try to keep the winning going this week! All bets made using Bovada.

New Orleans Saints +5 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Saints actually put up a good fight against the Panthers and came very close to ending their undefeated streak at the same time the Buccaneers barely defeated the lowly Falcons. 5 points is a fairly sizeable boost for a team that’s not that much worse than Tampa Bay.

Oakland Raiders +7 at Denver Broncos

Look I’ve been on the Brock Osweiler train for a long time (I’m a sucker for a tall quarterback) but let’s pump the brakes on him transforming the Broncos. They’re still not blowing out their opponents and barely reaching 20 points a game. It’s hard to see them overcoming a +7 point differential. Let’s hope the Raiders don’t burn us again.

New England Patriots -4 at Houston Texans

The Texans aren’t going to return a punt for a TD and a 99 yard pick six. They also just had J.J. Watt break his hands in practice. He’ll still play but you have to question the effectiveness of someone who can’t put pressure on his cast and the Texans will need to dominate the Patriots O-line to win this game. I expect the Pats to cover and get back on track.

Good luck out there readers.

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