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New York Jets Week 13 Preview

Week 13 brings us a game the locals have been looking forward to since the schedule came out, Jets vs Giants. This game has MAJOR playoff implications for both teams. The Jets need a win to keep on track with what is becoming a very interesting AFC Wild Card race. The Giants need a win to keep pace with… wait for it… the Washington Redskins who currently lead the NFC East.

This game will be the story of strengths vs Weaknesses for both teams. The Giants strength on offense is clearly their passing game, that matches up well with a Jets secondary that will be missing Revis and Williams. The Jets strength on defense is their defensive line, that matches up nicely with the Giants depleted offensive line. The Jets possess a strong passing game with Marshall and Decker, that matches up well with the Giants weakness on defense, their secondary.

For the Jets to win this game, they will have to make Eli uncomfortable all day. If they can do that, look for Shane Vereen to play a large roll for the Giants catching the ball out of the backfield. On offense, the Jets will have to trust Fitzpatrick to throw the ball often. The Jets will still rely heavily on Chris Ivory but to win this game, they will need to throw the ball.

Predictions for the game: The Jets are currently a 2.5 point road favorite. As most people who like to gamble will tell you, picking a team favored by less than 3 on the road usually doesn’t end well. That and the fact that just about everyone in news and radio are picking the Jets to win gives me a very unsettling feeling as a Jets fan. I think this is a high scoring game and the team that wins will produce a few turnovers and have a big special teams play. Final score 30-27, my heart will take the Jets, my gut will take the Giants.. I hope my heart wins out.

BOLD PREDICTION: Shane Vereen will have 7+ receptions. Each QB will throw the ball more than 35 times. Marshall and Decker will combine for 200 Yards and 3 TD’s

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